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Whenever e-commerce is mentioned one giant will forever be tagged for massively making online shopping possible, “Amazon” and how it’s Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos disrupted the commerce industry in the nineties using the power of the internet and today it is projected that the e-commerce capitalization will be $4.5 trillion by 2021 that’s huge!

With advent of the blockchain technology, it is true that all or almost every industry will key into this paradigm shift for example Samsung, JP Morgan Chase and a list of others have secured their spots in the Cryptocurrency space thus; online shopping is about to witness the most exciting integration with the blockchain technology through ARAW token.

So what is ARAW is up to?

The use of cryptocurrency is rapidly on the increase as the day goes by, irrespective of the regulations and overregulation of the crypto space that plunged the market capitalization from the heights of almost a trillion dollars to less than 150 billion dollars. Given the exponential rise of cryptocurrency adopters worldwide, it has been proven true that carrying out transactions on the blockchain is swift, secured and convenient. ARAW token is a decentralized payment system for e-commerce ecosystem built on the ethereum blockchain network that enables consumers to earn and redeem $ARAW token when purchasing goods online and in stores using ARAW token. The ARAW open API makes it possible and quite easy for merchants from around the World to create their own e-commerce ecosystem in no distant time with the increase in the value of ARAW token. Additionally, ARAW has an existing platform ARAW Ltd UK since 2016. A platform that was implemented using virtual currency without the blockchain support offering customer loyalty and reward base services, they are already in the forefront of Omni-channel loyalty economy.

ARAW Card – Touch & Pay
With the ARAW touch and pay card customers will be allowed to make micropayments at coffee shops, supermarkets and day to day online shopping with just the click of button. Consumers will enjoy the convenience of making purchases with the blockchain technology using ARAW token which in turn will earn them free ARAW tokens that is redeemable to make more purchases from another online store, ARAW is on a mission to bridge the customer loyalty rewards value gap between online merchants and customers through “A Unified Rewards System”.


The ARAW team just concluded their ICO and ARAW is currently listed in Latoken Exchange with BTC and ETH pairing, P2PB2P Exchange with BTC and ETH pairing. Meanwhile listing into new exchanges continues while team is working nonstop to follow the roadmap accordingly to achieve the ARAW set goals which will lead to mass adoption of the ARAW token.

On a final note, I'd like you to invite you to support this highly prospective project along side a large, strong and determined ARAW community as the journey to greatness proceeds.

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