Wet bread

By Wakeupkitty | Tales | 19 Feb 2020

A contest on.steemit.com where was asked to finish the story.

How the story started...

The Sandwich

"Ugh! The bread is soaking wet! Bread is not supposed to be soaking wet!" he snarled at me as he spit a soggy mouthful of half-chewed peanut butter sandwich into a tissue. I stood at attention next to his bed. He handed the sodden and heavy tissue to me.

He was now vegan, grain free, nightshade free, lectin free, phytic acid free, and deaf to my feeble protestations. He was not free, however, from his acutely tuned palate, which was maddeningly different from mine.

He had requested a peanut butter sandwich. I knew meeting all his new diet criteria would be a bitch, but I rose to the challenge. I had to.

I chose a very small ten dollar loaf of 'bread' and bought it. I bought some raw peanuts. I shelled the peanuts. I soaked, sprouted, and dehydrated the peanuts. After very lightly roasting them, I ground those peanuts into peanut butter. I then very carefully smeared the freshly ground peanut butter onto the somewhat normal looking bread. I made sure to get the peanut butter to the edges just like I had learned in home economics class long, long ago.

I knew how to make a proper tea sandwich.

I now spent my life trying to make this man happy. I signed up for that didn't I? Wasn’t that my reason for being? To make this man happy?

Well, he was not happy with that sandwich.


How I finished the story...

And... I wasn't happy with him.
I should have known better. If something sounds too good to believe it is.

Being a housekeeper sucks especially if it is for a wealthy man with the behaviour of a spoiled 4 years old kid! If there's something I cannot stand it is waste. His mother said it was an easy job and I only needed to take care of him at day time. The payment was good but his mood...

"I make you something else right away sir", I said and took the results of my hard work with me.

There was bread left and peanutbutter... and for _this_ - I glanced at the plate where I dropped the tissue on- I would find a good destination.

He was healthy and all the drama about food and his hard work and the sacrifices he made for a healthier life because he was sick was made up. Bullshit it was. The vegan, grain free, nightshade free, lectin free, phytic acid free period and tomorrow it would be something new he needed so badly.

I took the blender, dropped the tissue plus the left overs of my hard work into it and added some water to it. I just needed it to heat up a bit.
Peanut soup with bread I would serve the loser upstairs. Soup is wet and it contained everything he needed to get healthy again and he could even soak his bread in it. .

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