Toad and Goat.

By Wakeupkitty | Tales | 16 Sep 2019

Dedico esta historia a @gertu, ella me inspiró a escribir este cuento.I dedicate this story to @gertu, she inspired me to write this tale.

A deep, long silence followed after the goat finished reporting about his last exploring.

Both seemed in thoughts. The toad was the first who spoke.

"Are you sure?"

Excited by the idea he hopped on and off the rock he used as a seat. His friend nodded. Goat had talked longer as usually. His head felt strange and his throat dry.

"Will you take me there?


Goat's voice sounded like screeching tires as he tried to speak. Toad had never heard a sound similar to it. Curious he crawled closer.

"You what", he asked.His friend's eyes looked red and it was as if the eyeballs popped out his head.


Goat fell on his knees as he tried to speak.

"What, whaaat", Toad shrieked crawling around his close friend."Don't let me down now, get up on your feet. You have to take me there, we both have to go."

"Water", Goat said. His voice didn't sound like his but Toad heared him.

"Water? Sure, okay I get you some. The pond isn't far away."


Worried he crawled and hopped as fast as he could into the direction of the pond, asking himself how to deliver the water to his friend.

He didn't want to let Goat down and not allowed him to let him down. After all these years Goat found the garden of Eden, the place were they both could live happily ever after.

It was huge, full of trees and plants and Goat had tasted them all, told there was plenty of food for him as well.

"There are more snails as you can eat in your entire life", that was what his friend had said.


At the pond he drank some water, soaked his feet and filled his mouth with water.

Slowly he crawled the way back, hoping he would not swallow, wondering if the water would be enough to get his friend back at his feet.


Goat was breathing heavily, wondering what had caught him.

He felt no fear, could not remember ever been sick in his entire life. His head felt strange, his legs refused to listen and his heart pumped in his ears.

"I warned you", a voice said, "not to eat the forbidden fruits!"

"Forbidden fruits..."

Did he eat them? He closed his eyes, tried to remember but couldn't. His mind was empty the only thought left was to sleep.


Goat stretched out on the ground was what Toad found.

He could not speak with his mouth filled, pushed his friend's mouth open and spit out the water inside it. Goat swallowed but kept his eyes closed.

"He ate the forbidden fruit", a voice said.

A snail stared at Toad.

"I told him not too. You should not eat what isn't yours, it is forbidden."

"What kind of fruit", Toad asked who felt hungry as soon as he saw the fat bite in front of him, he crawled a bit closer into Snail's direction.The snail didn't move, he did not belong to the category of fast food.

"Humans do not like it if you invite yourself into their garden and destroy their hard work."

"Did they poison him?"

Toad looked from Snail to Goat. Was Goat dying? He did not seem to be in pain it was as if he slept.

"No, I don think so. He just ate too much, is tired and if you ask me drunk. Haven't you smell his breath?"


Toad looked at goat and didn't know what to think. He knew his friend lived to eat. He could not stop once he saw it and only the thought of something being edible made him eat it. Goat was not a gourmet like himself. He sat close to his friend who started snoring. He would wait and watch over him till he woke up. Losing his Goat was more than he could bear.

"The garden of Eden", he thought, "it all sounds so beautiful but it is not the right place to be for me and my friend."

He looked around.The sky was blue, the grass was green, the pond was near with plenty of fresh water and food was within reach.Toad smiled, opened one eye and Snail was gone.


photogrid_156854685596395077725263837197.jpgI made Toad on a piece of used paper on my lap. He is soaking his feet...


This is my entry to the #weekendfreewrite with @mariannewest on I used the prompt screeching tires.


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