The RisingStar Record - Issue no. 13- From Rags To Riches, Progress Report 16 November 2021 - Record Staking anyone?

By Silver Crypto | Tales of the Crypt0 | 16 Nov 2021

From Rags to Riches or in other words how I'm progressing to becoming a Starbits Millionaire!

As a quick summary, I started in RisingStar in May 2021 but just drifted with it till I started blogging about RisingStar at the end of August 2021 and decided to chart my progress to becoming a Starbits Millionaire. 

It's not rocket science but in short what is the quest - the quest is to bank 1,000,000 starbits and get the Starbits Millionaire Card! Primarily as a free to play player but if I find a pocket of crypto floating around I might just speed up the process too!


Week 13 - lucky for some?  Well here are my metrics for the week:


Lets start with the basics

 - Missions completed - Just 80 missions this week - I think it's a few less than historically due to the Acoustic Tent mission being five hours long.

 - Cards owned - No change this week.

 - Starbits - Only a 23,880 increase this week - guess the RNG wasn't in my favour this week.

 - Skill/Fans/Ego - Still managing to keep this ratio in check so that's good as there's no impact on my earnings due to ego yet.

 - Level 65 - Still averaging around two levels a week.

Diesel Pool & Hive Pizza/Starbits Balances

End of week value is down again, but midweek it was up.  I'm definitely going to pull out just waiting for the right time.

Current Strategy and considerations

No change from last week - basically with the increase in fans I'm spamming Record a Demo and Acoustic Tent then a music lesson and interview to use up the battery - then I use a Pizza and repeat.  I need to buy some more Pizza I think though.

Record Staking - to augment my earnings/eventually replace the pool I'm putting some starbits into staking.  I figure they might as well be there as anywhere.  Made about 1000 starbits during the week, better than nothing!  If you didn't know, record staking is actually were real artists can make a song into an NFT and then sell it to people on Rising star.  Players can "stake" starbits to the record and get a cut of the sales or something like that.  It's not a lot but as said, better than nothing!

Back in the real world I've stacked up some Hive and I'm looking to pull out a few SPS and convert it to Hive - I'm going to make a push to be a Starbits Millionaire by the end of the month - that's two weeks away so hopefully I can do it!

And that sums things up for another week - let me know in the comments if you have any thoughts.

If this all sounds fun to you the join up (my referral link is below or you could just go to the game directly).

And if you're interested in any of the other sites I've been working with links are below:


Faucets and Mining (Hex, Cake, Tron)


Random give it a go sites

Thanks for reading and remember - Investing in Crypto is like gambling, Sometimes you win, Sometimes you lose!



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Silver Crypto

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Tales of the Crypt0

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