The RisingStar Record - Issue no. 12- From Rags To Riches, Progress Report 9 November 2021 - Investments are tricky

From Rags to Riches or in other words how I'm progressing to becoming a Starbits Millionaire!

As a quick summary, I started in RisingStar in May 2021 but just drifted with it till I started blogging about RisingStar at the end of August 2021 and decided to chart my progress to becoming a Starbits Millionaire. 

It's not rocket science but in short what is the quest - the quest is to bank 1,000,000 starbits and get the Starbits Millionaire Card! Primarily as a free to play player but if I find a pocket of crypto floating around I might just speed up the process too!


Hard to believe but it's the 12th report/week of doing this - about three months! - Time sure does fly!


Lets start with the basics

 - Missions completed - Just 81 missions this week - I was busy a couple of days but still a solid amount.

 - Cards owned - Picked up a 47-Dave from a giveaway!  Not a great card but a unique one for my collection!

 - Starbits - Earned quite well this week - about 26k increase in game which is not bad.

 - Skill/Fans/Ego - Still managing to keep this ratio in check so that's good as there's no impact on my earnings due to ego yet.

 - Level 63 - Still averaging around two levels a week.

Diesel Pool & Hive Pizza/Starbits Balances

I will keep an eye on the values but am thinking of pulling out of this pool since the rewards were cut drastically from the previous pool.  I could take out the starbits and hold them and put the PIZZA into a higher earning pool (maybe the PIZZA/DEC pool).  Or just covert it all to starbits and be done with it. I haven't decided yet but will keep an eye on the value for a good time to exit unless something changes.

Current Strategy and considerations

No change from last week - basically with the increase in fans I'm spamming Record a Demo and Acoustic Tent then a music lesson and interview to use up the battery - then I use a Pizza and repeat.  I need to buy some more Pizza I think though.

With reduced rewards the pool is a bit weak so as mentioned above I'm probably going to exit that.  Will have lost some of my gains from the first pool but c'est la vie - Investing is tricky!!

And that sums things up for another week - let me know in the comments if you have any thoughts.

If this all sounds fun to you the join up (my referral link is below or you could just go to the game directly).

And if you're interested in any of the other sites I've been working with links are below:


Faucets and Mining (Hex, Cake, Tron)


Random give it a go sites

Thanks for reading and remember - Money Money Money - It's a rich mans world!

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