The RisingStar Record - Issue no. 11- From Rags To Riches, Progress Report 2 November 2021 - Sometimes you just have to spend!

From Rags to Riches or in other words how I'm progressing to becoming a Starbits Millionaire!

As a quick summary, I started in RisingStar in May 2021 but just drifted with it till I started blogging about RisingStar at the end of August 2021 and decided to chart my progress to becoming a Starbits Millionaire. 

It's not rocket science but in short what is the quest - the quest is to bank 1,000,000 starbits and get the Starbits Millionaire Card! Primarily as a free to play player but if I find a pocket of crypto floating around I might just speed up the process too!


Still tweaking the metrics but the current report is as follows:


Lets start with the basics

 - Missions completed - I managed to do 96 missions this week.  I've done a few more "Radio Interviews" to fill in time.

 - Cards owned - Woot - a few new cards - I bought a couple of cards to up my fan level.  I couldn't help it, just had to do it.  More on this a bit later.

 - Starbits - In game increase of only 1,800 but more on this later.

 - Skill/Fans/Ego - Still managing to keep this ratio in check so that's good as there's no impact on my earnings due to ego yet.

 - Level 61 - Still averaging around two levels a week.

Diesel Pool & Hive Pizza/Starbits Balances

The risk this week hasn't been so worth it - the value of the amount I put in the pool decreased by about 6%.  Overall from the very first investment in the pool I'm up but it's been a bit of a sad week on this front.  I think part of the reason for this is that PIZZA has fallen a fair bit since I started - hopefully it recovers!  I'll stick with the pool a while - my daily rewards are creeping up which will help a bit.

New Cards!

As alluded to above I couldn't help it - I had to spend a little to up my fans so I could do the Record a Demo mission (and with some drunken fans the Acoustic Tent mission).  Just felt I needed to progress a little.  

I withdrew 25,000 from in game and spent about 16,000 on three cards - a repeat R76 George with 100 fans/150 skill for only 3,000, a R79 Katie with 100 fans and 175 skill for 7,000 and a R54 Ellie with 120 fans and  150 skill for 6,000.  All very good deals I think.  This has proven to be a good investment as it's enabled me to do some new missions, increased my Skill to Ego ratio a bit and increases my average starbits per mission a little.  It also just feels good to have some new cards and progress along the missions a little!

Current Strategy and considerations

Slight change in strategy - doing some even longer missions (record a demo/acoustic tent) when I can and then balancing that off with a music lesson & short 5 minute missions to burn up the energy pool and using a pizza slice to repeat.  Basically its the same strategy as before but with slightly different missions.  It will be interesting to see how many bits I make over the week with a whole week doing this.

The pool hasn't helped this week but hopefully it recovers.  I may just decide to cut my losses at some point and just store the bits but havent decided yet.

And that sums things up for another week - let me know in the comments if you have any thoughts.

If this all sounds fun to you the join up (my referral link is below or you could just go to the game directly).

And if you're interested in any of the other sites I've been working with links are below:


Faucets and Mining (Hex, Cake, Tron)


Random give it a go sites

Thanks for reading and in the immortal words of the Village People - you cant stop the music!!


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