Splinterlands - Weekly Battle Challenge, Wood Nymph

By Silver Crypto | Tales of the Crypt0 | 11 Jan 2022

Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenges - Another week, Another Challenge so here's my entry....

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The humble Wood Nymph - overshadowed recently by her colleague the Goblin Psychic, the Wood Nymph was a staple of many an Earth splinter lineup due to her tank heal ability.


I've rented this card for quite some time and the Wood Nymph was very useful for the earth splinter previously.  I use this card less often now as the Psychic has a stronger magic attack and also heals but sometimes the lower mana cost or doubling up heals can be very powerful.

So let's see if the Nymph is a help or a hindrance in this battle!

The Battle



The rules for this battle were:

 - 16 mana cap

 - Silenced Summoners (no summoner bonuses)

 - Earth, Death or Dragon only.

Tricky to scout as Fire/Water seemed to be used most often by the opposition.  With the low cap choices are quite limited, Earth & Magic? Death and antimagic? Dragon for Dragons?  I guessed that magic would be less of an issue due to the low cap and could be mitigated by heal so decided to go with a dragon deck to utilise Djinn Chwala and thorns with a heal to back it up.


And so my lineup was as follows:

Camila Sungazer (3) - For access to the Dragon splinter;

Djinn Chwala (8) - for thorns and a solid two melee attack;

Wood Nymph (4) - for the tank heal;

Creeping Ooze (1) - For the slow and to slow a sneak attacker.

This team used all 16 mana with a tank that has solid life, armor and thorns.  Wood Nymph will assist with healing should I face a magic attacker but  is likely to die quickly as minimal protection for her is available.

And my opponent went with Earth but not a magic deck, a magic mitigation deck with a sneak attack!

Wizard of Eastwood (3) - for access to the Earth splinter;

Unicorn Mustang (8) - a fast tank (can get misses) and has reduces magic attack;

Goblin Thief (4) - two melee sneak attacker for only four mana!;

Creeping Ooze (1) - For the slow and to slow a sneak attacker.

Also using all 16 of the mana cap this team has a solid tank and sneak. If I had gone magic heavy I would be in trouble but as it is the Nymph's attacks will be useless.  Will the thorns beat the Unicorn? Lets see!

Turn One - Unicorn Mustang goes first hitting the Chwala's armor and taking thorns damage.  The wood nymph is ineffectual and her heal isn't needed.  The Goblin thief kills my creeping ooze while Chwala hits the mustang.and the turn ends with Chwala with two armor and nine life and the Mustang on six life.

Turn Two - The mustang starts us off again taking out the rest of Chwala's armor and taking thorns damage.  The Goblin Thief kills the wood nymph - turns out the nymph wasn't very useful!. The turn ends with Chwala missing the mustang and having nine life and the Mustang with four life.

Turn Three - The Mustang again goes first damaging Chwala and taking thorns damage.  The Goblin Thief hits Chwala as well and takes thorns damage.  Chwala kills the Mustang and the turn ends with Chwala on four life, the Goblin thief on one life.

Turn Four - The goblin suicides on Chwala and Chwala kills the ooze for the win.

So what did we learn - Wood Nymph has its uses but in this match was useless due to Void ability on the Mustang and the fact its heals were not needed.  Thorns however is very powerful if the opponent uses melee as in this match! If I were to do this battle again maybe using the Goblin Thief instead would have been better! However if the opponent had of used a magic attacker to back up the Mustang the Wood Nymph could have helped a lot.

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Have fun and keep on Battling!

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