Splinterlands - Weekly Battle Challenge, Goblin Shaman

Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenges - Another week, Another Challenge so here's my entry....

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It's a fire challenge this week with the ever useful Goblin Shaman!


The Goblin Shaman costs three mana, has four health, no attack, and the Weaken Ability.  As far as attacking he only has use as a speed bump to take a hit or two for the rest of the team.  Where the Goblin Shaman shines however is the Weaken ability.  This reduces the health of the opposition cards by one which can make all the difference.  If the opposition has a full team that's a total of six life you don't have to deal with!

The Battle


The rules for this battle were:

 - 29 mana cap

 - Reverse Speed (slowest goes first and dodge benefit goes to slow cards)

 - Divine Shield (all cards start with divine shield)

 - Fire and Dragon splinters only

From a scouting perspective I had no idea how the opposition would play this - the opposition had used Water a lot and since water was out I didn't know what he would go with.

My first instinct was to just go with fire and a standard team with lava up front and then as many damage dealers as I could fit.  Given it was a fire/dragon splinter I thought I'd do something different in the end - knowing melee was often a big contributer to Fire teams (due to Malric) I thought I'd go Dragon to allow use of Djinn Chwala for the thorns ability.



Brighton Bloom (4) - for flight which might coax out a few misses;

Djinn Chwala (8) - in first slot as he is a great tank and has the thorns ability;

Pyromancer (6) - in second slot for the ranged attack with blast and to be last to be hit if the opposition uses a lot of sneak/opportunity cards;

Goblin Shaman (3) - in third slot to last a bit longer, protect the Pyromance from sneakers and most importantly for the weaken ability;

Elven Mystic (4) - in fourth slot for some magic attack;

Cerberus (4) - in the back just to tank with his heal ability;

This used up my whole cap, with a mix of melee, ranged and magic attack that would all focus fire on the front.  Cerberus couldn't attack but I put him there as a backline tank - in hindsight another attacker might have been more useful.

The opposition went with a fire team:

Malric (3) as summoner for plus one melee;

Living Lava (7) - in first slot as he is a great tank with his shield ability;

Sandworm (9) - in second slot for the big melee sneak damage and in second slot for survivability;

Uraeus (3) - in third slot for a low mana sneak attacker;

Cyclops (5) - in fourth slot for the two ranged attack;

Creeping Ooze - in fifth slot to fill up the cap a bit more I guess and in his eyes for the slow ability.  This is clearly a strategic mistake as slower is better in this ruleset.

Furious Chicken - in sixth slot to fill up the team.

His team looks pretty powerful - sandworm can be a very strong card if it survives long enough with it's massive five melee attack (six with Malric!).  Creeping Ooze is a mistake but he has used three melee attackers taking advantage of Malric, has a solid two ranged attacker (Cyclops) which means he has a fair bit of damage output!

And here we go!

Turn One - Sandworm hits Cerberus but no damage due to Divine Shield.  Living Lava and Cyclops both miss Djinn Chwala.  Djinn hits Lava for no damage due to Divine Shield.  Pyryomancer hits lava but only for one due to his shield but does take away sandwormss divine shield due to blast.  Mystic hits Lava for one life and Uraes hits Cerberus for one life.  The turn ends with us both having our full teams but with key divine shields gone.

Turn Two - Sandworm kills Cerberus.  Lava and Cyclops hit Djinn removing his Divine Shield and two armor.  Thorns takes out Lava's remaining armoire before Djinn hits Lava for one life.  Pyromancer hits Lava for an additional life and also hits Sandworm for one life.  Mystic hits Lava for one life while Uraeus removes Mystics Divine Shield.  The turn ends with the one casualty (Cerberus).  Living Lava is almost dead with just one life while Djinn still has some armor and has lost no life.

Turn Three - Sandwork kills Mystic.  Lava takes out the Djinns armor before dying to thorns.  Djinn hits the Sandworm for two life and takes two damage from Cyclops.  Pyromancer kills the Sandworm and takes out Uraeus' divine shield before Uraeus misses.  Uraeus is now at the front for him while Djinn Chwala still has seven life.  The match is all over at this point as Uraeus will die quickly due to Pyro and Djinn and Thorns.  Cyclops will not be able to attack after that and Ooze/Chicken cannot attack. 

Turns Four - Six - Djinn takes out Uraeus's armor, Cyclops misses, Pyromancer kills Uraeus.  The battle is over after that as my team runs through the rest with no further damage.  

Although his team got two early kills due to Sandworm once I took out Lava and Sandworm the match was all over.  If he had of put Ooze and Chicken ahead of Cyclops and Sandworm he may have done better but I think my team overall had better placement and a better tank.  Putting Pyro in second slot and trusting that he could survive any snipe/blast attacks made sense as he didn't die early by Sandworm sneak attacks.  Also having Goblin Shaman meant I killed Living Lava and Sandworm faster.  Overall a satisfying win.

And that's a wrap, Challenge Done, Battle Won!  

Hope you enjoyed this Weekly Battle Challenge post! And if you're interested in Splinterlands or any of the other programmes I've looked at please join up if you haven't already for fun, excitement and maybe a little Crypto in your pocket!






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Random give it a go sites


Have fun and keep on Battling!

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