Splinterlands - Seasons Rewards - Second Season under the new rewards rules - and changes are here already....

This season was the second season under the new rewards system which was put in place to encourage more active play in Splinterlands.  Have the new rules been successful - possibly, though changes are coming already.  Have I been successful under the new rules.. let's see.....

First things first, feel free to just go to their website directly but if Splinterlands interests you I'd be very happy if you joined up with my referral link:


Lets get straight to it:

Seasons Rewards.

Throughout the season I got a number of cards and potions and about 780 DEC but all in all nothing to write home about.

For the end of season I had a total of 55 silver chests to open into:


A massive USD3.707 worth of rewards in the form of a lottery ticket (i.e. a Chaos Pack), no super valuable cards, a handful of DEC and some potions....

All in all, at least I got a bunch of rewards, but sadly nothing of any significant value.  Hopefully the next season will be better.

Now, as far as rewards go, they have put a few changes in:

 - The formula for working out the points you get towards the EOS chests has changed to penalize the use of starting cards even more than before;

 - Daily chests are based on the tier you're at when you start the quest rather than the tier you got to in the previous season.

And more changes have been suggested, including:

 - More Focus Variety - not just splinter but skill based instead;

 - Daily points being not just for using the focus cards but more points when you do;

Both these changes I support for sure!

And that sums up the last season.

So if you're playing Splinterlands I hope you did better than I did with the rewards! And regardless, if you're interested in any of the programmes I work with links are below!


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Have fun and keep on Battling!


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