Splinterlands - My 13th Season (31 October) - No rental cancellations - interesting!

By Silver Crypto | Tales of the Crypt0 | 31 Oct 2021

Another two weeks gone and another season ends already and it's time for another season report.

First things first, feel free to just go to their website directly but if Splinterlands interests you I'd be very happy if you joined up with my referral link:


Before we get into the Splinterstats report, I'd like to say I'm happy to report that I didn't have any issues with last minute rent cancellations this month.  It was a pleasant surprise.  I suspect it may have to do with the Peakmonsters Auto Rental features coming into play and people not cancelling till it was up and running.  Hard to tell but I did appreciate not having to scrounge for power this season!

And on to the report - I note that I'm only going to use the tool for some of the stats rather than putting the whole report in.

Splinter Stats Season 60 Report Card


Stat # Silver Rank 5971 Rating 1985 - Silver III Rating High 2002 Ratio (Win/Loss) 1.15 (210/183) Longest Streak 6

A win/loss ratio of 1.15 is ok, just a bit better than 50/50 so I'll live with that.

Rewards Report

Standard Foil Cards

Common 14

Rare 4

Epic 1

Legendary 0

Total Standard 19

My records showed the following cards earned, including the season rewards so I either missed a few on my records 

3 Pelacor Conjurer, 4 Pelacor Bandit, 2 Pelacor Deceiver, 3 Pelacor Mercenary, 2 Gargoya Devil, Exploding Rats, Uraeus, 2 Venari Heatsmith, Naga Assassin

Nothing too exceptional I guess - The Uraeus is a nice addition and the only new card to me.

No Gold Foil Cards received.
Total Ranked Play Earnings 2821 DEC 10 CREDITS

Looks Like I managed to earn about 2.8k DEC - cant complain at that.  A couple of purchases (an OOZE and a PYROMANCER) took up most of that gain though!

Rental Report

Type DEC (fees) Revenue 0.000 (0.000) Expenses (599.000) Cancellation Refunds 109.050 NET (489.950) 

I cancelled a rental as I replaced my rented OOZE with a purchased one as mentioned above.  Basically I am spending about 600 DEC a season to stay in Silver.

And that about sums it up - Another solid season, a few new cards added to the collection, not much increase in DEC balance and otherwise slow going!  However it's fun and every DEC is better than no DEC (credits are no fun though!)

Hope you've enjoyed my season report - How did yours go?  Finally if you're interested in any of the platforms I've been using links are below:






Faucets and Mining





https://cryptominer.finance?ref=0xEcD2d4BEd7eFC7Ad63a7448FaED35db7E5CeF996 (Hex, Cake, Tron)





Random give it a go sites


Have fun and keep on battling!

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