Splinterlands - Battle Library Twelve - Snare Surprise

By Silver Crypto | Tales of the Crypt0 | 27 Nov 2021

An ability that is not used all that often can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing!

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In Battle Library Twelve we look at a battle where the often useless ability Snare is a game breaker!

The rules that applied to this battle were:

- Mana cap of 18 - A low cap so hard to fit in any big cards

- Fire, Water and Death splinters only;

- Taking Sides - No neutral monsters allowed;

- Earthquake - two damage per turn to non-flying monsters;

Earthquake battles usually make the choice of summoner easy - Brighton Bloom for all out flight.  However that's not in.  The choice of splinter is quite restricted and one of my favourites, Gelatinous Cube, for Earthquake/Poison battles was out as it is neutral.  It wasn't clear what sort of deck I'd face as the opponent used earth a lot and that's not in.  I decided to go for something a little out of the ordinary - I decided to use the often overlooked Vera as my summoner for her snare ability and see if I could get a team that could take out any flyers and last long enough to defend against attacks!


And so my team was:

Summoner - Vera (3) - For the snare ability (remove flight from the opposition and never miss)

Kelp initiate (2) - decent life at low mana cost;

Frozen Soldier (6) - high armor, some life, shield ability solid tank;

Ice Pixie (2) - for flying and a magic attack;

Venari Wavesmith (5) - mainly for the protect ability allowing my non-flyers to survive one more earthquake!

Hoping I wouldn't face a magic heavy lineup this team had some health and armor to survive earthquakes, a flyer, and the Snare ability to negate any flyers the opposition used.  

And the opponent went with:

Summoner - Owster (3) - For the reflect ability;

Cursed Slimeball (1) - to tank one shot;

Bone Golem (7) - some armor and solid life and void ability makes him a great tank;

Undead Priest (2) - for the weaken ability;

Pelacor Deceiver (5) - for the flight ability and solid life;

Using the whole cap and with Owster this team is a tricky one. A solid flyer at the back to hopefully win the match with the Bone Golem as the main tank to hold the line especially vs magic.  The undead priest is handy too as it takes out one life on each of the opposition which could be crucial.  However one weakness is only the front line can attack.....

And away we go:

Turn One - Ice Pixie does a kamikaze run on the Slimeball and both die.  The Wavesmith is useless against his golem and just weakens itself. The bone golem takes out the Kelp initiates armor and the turn ends with Kelp initiate on four life, the bone golem on two armor and six life.

Turn Two - Earthquake!  All monsters take two damage leaving his tank, Bone Golem with six life and my tank, Kelp Initiate with two life.  His team is looking stronger thanks to reflect!  Venari Wavesmith suicides on the Bone Golem and the Bone Golem kills the Kelp Initiate.  The turn ends with Frozen Soldier as my tank with five armor and two life, Bone Golem on six life.

Turn Three - Earthquake! All monsters take two damage leaving his tank, Bone Golem on four life and my tank, Frozen Soldier on four armor and three life - three life?  Earthquake killed the Undead Priest and the frozen soldier regained one life. Frozen Soldier hits the Bone Golem and the Bone Golem returns fire.  The turn ends with Frozen solder on two armor and three life, Bone Golem on two life.

Turn Four - Earthquake! All monsters take two damage killing his tank, Bone Golem and leaving my tank, Frozen Soldier on one armor and three life. Pelacor Deceiver is now his tank with eight life. Eight life vs one armor and three life and he has flying - odds don't look good but lets get a second opinion - Shield ability means his deceiver cannot damage the soldier and the soldier only takes one damage from earthquake.  Snare will take out his flight ability and the soldier will never miss - two damage from the soldier AND two from earthquake - do the math the Soldier will carry the day! And so the Deceiver flails uselessly against the Soldier and the Soldier hits for two ending the turn with Soldier on one armor and three life, the Deceiver on six life.

Turn Five/Six - Earthquake! All monsters take two damage.  Soldier loses his armor and the Deceiver, no longer flying, takes two damage - soldier on three life, Deceiver on four life. Soldier hits the Deceiver for two while the Deceiver just looks on helplessly and on turn six earthquake kills the Deceiver - Shield and Snare for the win!

An interesting match revealing two important facts - Shield ability is very handy against earthquake if you don't have flyers and the Snare ability can be really handy in the right circumstances!

Hope you enjoyed the battle and if you found it interesting and are not into Splinterlands yet give it a go:

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Have fun and keep on battling!

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