Splinterlands - Battle Library Ten - Life Anti Magic Gambit

By Silver Crypto | Tales of the Crypt0 | 23 Nov 2021

When you're stuck on a Life daily quest, going up against the Alric meta can be challenging - unless you gamble on an anti-magic lineup!

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In Battle Library Ten I guess right and defeat an Alric team with an anti-magic life lineup.


The rules that applied to this battle were:

- Mana cap of 99 - Pretty much anything goes with this cap!

- Fire, Water, Earth and Life splinters only

- Weak Magic - Magic hits armor first;

With a big cap I expected to face a nasty team but the opponent had used Water a lot so I gambled on a anti-magic deck!


I went with:

Summoner - Mother Khala (3) - For the Life splinter (daily quest) and the extra life

Prismatic Energy (8) - in front to reflect some magic attacks and to tank a while with its high nine life.

Clay Golem (6) - in second slot to take over tanking once Prismatic Energy goes down - solid life, strong attack and Void to reduce magic attacks

Crystal Werewolf (3) - decent life to be a third tank but mainly for the silence ability to reduce magic attack!

Venari Crystalsmith (4) - a small ranged attack is handy but the tank heal ability will keep the first three tanks alive for a shot or two!

Silvershield Sheriff (9) - for the strong three ranged sniper attack

Djinn Renova (7) - for the two magic attack and the bonus life to the team.

With the first three tanks focussed on mitigating the impact of magic attacks this team is well placed to defend against a magic heavy water team - reflect to take some small magic attackers (i.e. Ice Pixie), reduced magic attack due to Werewolf and a very strong tank in the Golem vs magic attack especially when combined with the tank heal from the crystal smith.  Attack is not too bad too - strong sniper (Sheriff) and two magic from the Djinn.  Should be solid - unless I face a team that doesnt use magic!  This team used 40 mana - could certainly be more powerful if I had bigger cards but you have to work with what you've got!

So what did the opponent go with? An Alric team - picked it!  Not as much magic attack as I expected but my team should do well!

The opponent went with:

Summoner - Alric (3) - For the plus one to magic attack of course!

Almo Cambio (7) - Immunity to negative effects (not so useful in this match) but mainly for the 12 life to tank with!

Peaceful Giant (5) - A gold foil four star peaceful giant - 11 life to chew through. 

Goblin Mech (10) - Another gold foil four star! A lot of armor and life to get through and a powerful attack if it gets to the front line.

Ruler of the Seas (6) - Big magic attack (with Alric) and Blast as well!  A very powerful card.

Prismatic Energy (8) - More magic attack and reflect to counter some of my magic if it came down to it.

Venari Wavesmith (5) - More magic attack again and the protect skill for the bonus armor!

Clearly a powerful team, but only uses 44 mana so not much more than mine.  The two four star gold foils are powerful as they add a lot of tanking power as does the Almo Cambio.  Ruler of the seas is particularly nasty with it's blast ability too.  The battle would be an interesting one!

Turn One - Ruler of the Seas is fast and gets off a shot at Prismatic Energy.  His blast is ineffective on Clay Golem.  His prismatic energy and Venari wave smith hit my Prismatic Energy and take reflects to their armor while my Prismatic Energy hits his Alma Cambio.  The Sheriff hits the Peaceful giant taking out his armor and the Djinn does the same to Alma Cambio.  The Crystal Smith heals Prismatic Energy and chips at the Alma Cambio.  At the end of the turn Alma Cambio has 11 health, Prismatic Energy 10.

Turn Two - Ruler of the Seas goes first again with the same result.  His Prismatic Energy and Wavesmith hit my prismatic energy and lose their armor to reflects.  The Sheriff hits the Peaceful Giant again while my prismatic energy, Crystal smith and Djinn all hit the Alma Cambio.  Crystal smith also heals my Prismatic Energy.  The turn ends with Alma Cambio on seven life and Prismatic Energy on seven life.

Turn Three - is a repeat of Turn two but it should be noted that the Crystal Smith did miss and his magic attackers all start losing life now their armor is gone due to the Prismatic Energy reflects.  This turn ended with Alma Cambio on four life and Prismatic Energy on eight life - way to go heals!

Turn Four- is again a repeat of the earlier turns but in this turn the Crystal Smith finishes off the Alma Cambio.  Peaceful Giant is his tank now with only two life left thanks to the Sheriffs accurate sniping.  His magic attackers are looking weak too so its looking good for team anti magic!

Turn Five - from an attacking perspective much the same happens for his team all chipping at Prismatic energy.  However, he loses his Wavesmith to Reflect.  In addition Peaceful Giant is killed by the Djinn and the Sheriff takes out the Ruler of the Seas who was vunerable due to snipe and his low life from reflects.  The turn ends with his Goblin Mech and it's intimidating five armor eight life up front while I still have Prismatic Energy with six life. This battle is going well!

Turn Six - Apart from the Sheriff my team chips away at the Goblin Mech.  The Sheriff and a reflect reduces his prismatic energy to two life.  The goblin Mech and his prismatic energy do big damage to my Prismatic energy.  The turn ends with Goblin Mech on two armor and eight life, my prismatic energy on four life.

Turn Seven - Both prismatic energy's die this turn but this just brings up my Clay Golem to the front who does some big damage to the Goblin Mech. The turn ends with my Clay Golem on nine life, his Mech on just four life - this battle is all but over.

Turn Eight- The Djinn and the Sheriff make short work of the Mech - the Mech did get a shot on the golem but that just left it on five life.  Battle won easily - it took a while but with all of his magic team blunted it was no problem!

The key to victory was definitely all the anti magic negating his Ruler of the Seas for sure.  The Healing of Crystal Smith meant Prismatic Energy survived much of the early battle and the reflects hurt his magic attackers a lot.  All in all a good match!

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Have fun and keep on battling!

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