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Splinterlands - Battle Library Fourteen - Ranged Yodin vs Melee Lorna - who wins?

Fighting a match against a legendary summoner (when you don't have one) is a daunting proposition.  Yodin at lower levels is a beast adding to health, adding to range and adding BLAST!  Nasty stuff.

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In Battle Library Fourteen we look at a battle despite a ruleset benefitting melee my opposition runs with a clear favourite of his - a powerful Yodin ranged team!  Can a team working to take advantage of the Melee Mayhem ruleset prevail?

The rules that applied to this battle were:

- Mana cap of 44 - A high cap so a good chance to use some large mana cards!

- Fire, Life, Death and Dragon splinters only;

- Melee Mayhem - melee can attack from any position/

No water means no Alric meta problems.  The opposition had used Earth a but Mylor was out definitly due to the splinter restrictions.  Not sure what I'd face but I decided to run with a powerful life team taking advantage of the Melee Mayhem ruleset.  


Summoner - Lorna (3) - For the divine shield ability - Any of Life's summoners that I had could have worked probably but I decided to go with Lorna.

Shieldbearer (8) - in front with the Taunt ability and his strong tanking;

Elven Defender (8) - in second slot due to his strong tanking ability and as melee could attack even in second slot;

Goblin Mech (10) - For strong attack ability and solid tanking in with a lot of armor and solid life;

Feral Spirit (3) - for a sneak attack and to fill out the team;

Silvershield Knight (6) - for the plus one to melee attack for the team;

Clay Golem (6) - for the three (plus one) melee attack mainly but with a solid life he can hold the back line ok too.

Using the whole mana cap this team is a powerful melee team.  Including the plus one to melee the team has the chance to do 19 melee damage per turn, 17 of them all at the first card.  

I didn't know my opposition had Yodin - maybe I would have switched things up a bit, maybe gone with a Death team and Contessa, who knows but to some dismay I found my team facing a powerful Yodin team.

Summoner - Yodin (7) - Plus one ranged, Plus one health, Blast to all - a very powerful summoner to face;

Living Lave (7) - Classic fire frontline tank with his shield ability reducing melee/ranged damage.

Lave Launcher (9) - Solid tank in it's own right with a powerful three ranged attack (plus one with Yodin) and blast makes it daunting to say the least.

War Chaang (7) - Another solid tank, with both melee and ranged attack and the Retaliate ability too!

Ettin Spearman (8) - A powerful ranged attacker with a solid life too. With plus one ranged and blast from Yodin all I can say is OUCH!

Pit Ogre (6) - Solid melee attack, Blast (yodin) and Stun abilty too - that stun ability could be the difference between winning and losing too!

This team also used the whole 44 cap.  A powerful team with Yodin.  That being said even with Yodin if I read it right there was only the damage potential for 15 damage per turn BUT Blast makes a big difference!  That blast abiity could be nasty though because I have only melee attackers I wont be further damaged by blast hitting three cards per turn (snipe a middle monster and hit three cards at the same time) as he will always attack the first (or if he had sneak) last card only which does mitigate blast a little.... (silver linings I guess!).

And away we go:

Turn One - Feral Spirit is fast so it goes first striking the Pit Ogre.  The Knight goes next chipping away at Living Lava's armor.  The Lava Launcher goes next taking out the divine shields of both the Shieldbearer and Elven Defender.  War Chaang goes next - SURPRISE - War Chaang with this ruleset gets to attack twice - with its boosted ranged attack AND with it's melee attack! (note to self - War Chaang can be nasty!). Goblin Mech does some big damage to Living Lava taking out its remaining armor and doing some life damage.  Shield Bearer and Elven Defender both do some damage to the Living Lava. His Ettin Spearman does some solid damage to both the Shieldbearer and Elven Defender.  RNG works in my favour meaning Clay Golem goes next killing the Living Lava before it gets a chance to attack.  The turn ends with the Pit Ogre chipping at Shieldbearer and Elven Defender leaving the tanks, Shieldbearer with three life and Lava Launcher with six armor and six life.

Turn Two - Feral Spirit being quick again goes first chipping at the Pit Ogre.  Silvershield Knight chips at the Lava Launcher before War Chaang does its nasty double attack killing the Shieldbearer and damaging the Elven Defender.  Lava Launcher hits the Elven Defender and the Goblin Mech taking out the mechs divine shield.  The Goblin Mech attacks back taking out all the Launchers armor.  Elven Defender hits the Launcher too before dying to the Ettin Spearmen who kills the Defender and takes out some of the Mech's armor.  The Clay Golem kills the Launcher and the Pit Ogre damages the Goblin Mech and takes out the Feral Spirits divine shield.  The turn ends with the Goblin Mech tanking on one armor and six life and the War Chaang tanking with nine life.

Turn Three - Knight runs in front of the Feral Spirit going first and hitting the War Chaang who retaliates taking out the knights divine shield, damaging the Feral Spirit and taking out the Clay Golem's divine shield.  The Feral Spirit then hits the Pit Ogre.  War Chaang then hits the Gobling Mech finishing off its armor and killing the Feral Spirit with Blast - NOTE - Just one attack as his ranged attack cant be used from position one in this ruleset!  The Goblin Mech does a massive hit on the War Chaang.  The Ettin Spearman does some big damage on the Goblin mech and chips at the Knight before the Pit Ogre finishes off the Goblin Mech and blasts the Knight.  To finish the turn the Clay Golem goes last killing the War Chaang leaving the Knight as my tank with four life and the Ettin Spearman in the frontline with nine life.  Advantage to me - his attack has been decimated and more to just the Pit Ogre since the Spearman cannot hit from the front line.

Turn Four - Six - With the Spearman out of action my team just chips away at the Ettin while just taking damage from the Pit Ogre.  The Pit Ogre even misses on turn five making the win even easier.  The Ogre dies on turn six with the Knight still in action with two life and the Clay golem with six life.  A solid win - the high health and armor of the melee monsters win the day.  If the Ranged can hit from the first position was in play I think he would have won as War Chaang would have had at least one more double attack and the Ettin would have done big damage before going down at the end of the battle.

Note to self - War Chaang can be really nasty with the right ruleset as with double attacks, Yodin Blasts and Retailiate the War Chaang could really do some big damage!

And that is that - another win, Melee takes it over Ranged, and a three mana summoner takes out a legendary Yodin - always a great feeling!

Hope you enjoyed the battle and if you found it interesting and are not into Splinterlands yet give it a go:

and if you're interested other programmes I use are:


Faucets and Mining (Hex, Cake, Tron)


Have fun and keep on battling!

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