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Splinterlands - Battle Library Fifteen - Sometimes an ability can save you from a dumb mistake!

One of my last battles before the starter pack switch changed everything!  This battle I made a dumb mistake but a cards ability made the difference!

First things first, feel free to just go to their website directly but if Splinterlands interests you I'd be very happy if you joined up with my referral link:

In Battle Library Fifteen we look at a battle that is interesting for a couple of reasons - one for the dumb mistake I made and two for the chance to use a card I didn't know I'd rented! (I rent a fair bit of power via the auto-rent function on PeakMonsters which does mean some of my cards come and go and once in a while a fun card to play turns up).

The rules that applied to this battle were:

- Mana cap of 44 - A high cap so a good chance to use some large mana cards!

- Life and Dragon splinters only;

- Heavy Hitters - all cards have the knockout ability;

- Holy Protection - all cards have the divine shield ability.

No water splinter means no Alric meta but also no scouting as the enemy had used water in most of the recent battles.  As we get into the lineup what was my dumb mistake?  Using Lorna as my summoner - there is no point in using Lorna with the Holy Protection ruleset!!!  Oops!  I went with a full Life Lineup rather than using Dragon for the additional flexibility because I was dumb mainly!


Summoner - Lorna (3) - For the divine shield ability OOPS!- Any of Life's summoners that I had could have worked probably but I decided to go with Lorna.

Shieldbearer (8) - in front with the Taunt ability and his strong tanking;

Divine Healer (3) - for the healing;

Venari Crystalsmith (4) - for more healing and a small attack;

Djinn Renova (7) - for the two magic attack and the bonus life;

High Priest Darius (10) - for the three magic attack and the resurrect ability (I didn't realise the auto rent function had gotten me this card so was quite excited to get to use it!

Bila the radiant (8) - for the two magic attack and the life-leech ability.

Using 43 out of 44 this team is a powerful magic attack team!  If I had not made the mistake of using Lorna I could have had added armor, added life or some other buff but all I can say is oops.  This team should be a handful unless he uses a Crystal Werewolf, Clay Golem combo or maybe the Dragon Robo Knight....

Summoner - Kretch (3) - no bonus, just to enable the dragon splinter and some higher level cards;

Djinn Chwala (8) - Strong tank and thorny too;

Twilight Basilisk (4) - at level 2, has two attack and reach;

Shield Bearer (8) - Has taunt so helps to split the attack between the frontline Djinn and himself;

Sandworm (9) - For the powerful sneak attack;

Venari Crystalsmith (4) - Level 2 as well, has one more speed than usual, in the team for the heal of course, though the ranged attack is nice too;

Djinn Renova (7) - for the two magic attack and the bonus life;

This team also used 43 out of the 44 cap.  This is quite a well balanced team, some strong melee, thorns, some magic attack, sneak attack and some healing.  Lucky for me it's not anti magic focussed!

And let the games begin!

Turn One - His shiny level two Venari Crystalsmith goes first taking out my Shieldbearers divine shield.  His level two basilisk is quick too and gets a shot in on the Shield Bearer.  Darius and Bila both hit at his Shieldbearer.  The two Djinns Renova trade shots on the respective Shieldbearers. My slower Venari Crystalsmith heals my shieldbearer and takes a shot at his Shieldbearer.  The Djinn Chwala and my Shieldbearer trade shots - those thorns hurt! The Divine Healer puts a heal on my Shieldbearer before the Sandworm undoes all the healers work!  The turn ends with his Djinn Chwala on five armor and 10 life, my Shieldbearer on five life and his Shieldbearer on three armor and six life.  If this is a war of attrition he is winning!

Turn Two - The turn starts similar to the last with his Venari Crystalsmith going first and his Basilisk second before Darius and Bila hit out at his Shieldbearer.  Now things get interesting, his Djinn Renova kills my shieldbearer BUT RESURRECT!  Awesome.  My Djinn Renova kills his Shieldbearer and the turn continues.  My crystalsmith chips at his Djinn Chwala and heals my shield bearer and interestingly Divine Shield is renewed on the Shieldbearer, NICE!  The Djinn Chwala and Sandworm take out the Shieldbearers armor while the Divine Healer further heals it and the turn ends with his Djinn Chwala on four armor and 10 life, his Shieldbearer dead and my Shieldbearer on seven life.

Turn Three - Stars the same as the previous turn with the Venari Crystalsmith and Twilight Basilisk reducing my Shieldbearer to four life.  Darius and Bila start working on his Djinn Chwala.  The two Djinns Renova work on our respective tanks.  My Venari Crystalsmith heals my Shieldbearer and works on the Djinn Chwala's armor before the Djinn Chwala and Shieldbearer trade shots and thorns damage mean his Sandworm can finish off my Shieldbearer.  Divine Healer has a rest this turn and it ends with the Divine Healer as my tank on five life and the Djinn Chwala on one armor and three life.

Turn Four - His Crystalsmith heals his Djinn Chwala and hits my Divine Healer as does the Twilight Basilisk.  Darius, Bila and my Djinn Renova delete the Djinn Chwala.  His Djinn Renova further reduces my Divine Healer before he is healed by the Venari Crystal smith (who also takes out the Basilisks divine shield).  The Divine healer heals itself and the sandworm takes out Bila's divine shield - it should be noted that Bila now has 10 life after quietly leeching life the last four turns.  Turn four ends with Divine Healer on five life and Twilight Basilisk on one armor and four life.

Turn Five - The fast duo of Crystalsmith and Basilisk keep hitting the Divine Healer before it is executed by his Djinn Renova. Meanwhile Darius and Bila kill the Twilight Basilisk and my Djinn Renova takes out the Sandworms Divine Shield before it returns the favour and takes out my Crystalsmiths shield.  My Crystalsmith gives up its turn as it cant attack and no need to heal itself this turn leaving his Sandworm as tank with six life and my crystalsmith as tank with five life.

Turns Six - Nine - His Crystalsmith hits mine before Bila, Darius reduce his Sandworm to kill range.  His Djinn Renova takes a shot at my Crystalsmith before my Djinn Renova executes his Sandworm.  My crystalsmith heals itself and the turn ends with the battle decided.  He only has the Djinn Renova as a viable attacker left and my Crystalsmith can outheal it while Bila, Darius and my Djinn Renova just run through his remaining team ending the battle on turn nine.  

A decent win against a strong team - the choice of Lorna probably didn't hurt me or perhaps aided me as when my Shieldbearer resurrected he got a divine shield back and was able to tank just one more hit.  The Resurrect probably made the difference as it did mean that even if Divine Shield hadn't been reapplied he survived one more turn of tanking giving my team time to take out his Djinn Chwala and chip away with the big magic attacks!

And that is that - Resurrect can be a game changer! A fun win that's for sure.

Hope you enjoyed the battle and if you found it interesting and are not into Splinterlands yet give it a go:

and if you're interested other programmes I use are:


Faucets and Mining (Hex, Cake, Tron)


Have fun and keep on battling!

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