Splinterlands - Battle Library 23 - Quora Vs Katrelba redux - Speed Kills or does it? A lesson on Attack Order.

By Silver Crypto | Tales of the Crypt0 | 26 Feb 2022

Speed Kills, or does it?  

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Something a bit different in this Battle Library Entry - its a bit of a lesson that I've recently learned!


Battle Library 22 was a brawl battle featuring Quora on my side and Katrelba on my opponents side.  Both very powerful Gladius cards.


Lets quickly jump to the end of turn three where the teams looked as follows.  Both Katrelba and Quora have scored a few kills leaving both with powerful attacks but of more interest is their speed - both have six speed.  In my previous battle library entry I said at this point, whoever goes first wins....

My thinking was, both have a speed of six so it's a toss up.  Katrelba goes first, double strike, 12 melee damage, Quora is toast.  Quora goes first, heals herself and kills Katrelba with five damage and then the Goblin Sorcerer with another five damage.


Quora went first and I felt lucky but as I've recently discovered its a bit more complicated than that....

Chatting with some friends on discord I found out that Speed is not the only factor, just one of the factors that determines the attack order.  In order of importance the factors are:

1 - Speed - Speed is paramount but if speed is equal then;

2 - Attack Type - Magic goes before Ranged which goes before Melee then;

3 - Card Rarity - Legendary goes before Epic which goes before Rare which goes before Common then;

4 - Lastly, RNG - pray to the RNGods and hope your card goes first.

In this battle, Quora vs Katrelba their speed is equal which let me to believe that it was in the hands of fate, however, Quora has magic and hence she was always going to go first - I needn't have worried.

So a lesson for me - I note that this is confirmed in the official Splinterlands FAQ.

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Have fun and keep on battling!

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