Silvers Stats - Episode 23 - 10 days later

By Silver Crypto | Tales of the Crypt0 | 17 Jul 2023

A bit over a week but some interesting things have happened - Gemly keeps rolling on, a new season of Rollercoin has started and well.. maybe just that so on to the stats.

1. Roller.png


  • Base Mining Power - 18.545 PH/s
  • Bonus Percent - 92.1%
  • Total Power - 36.71 PH/s
  • Estimated RLT earning per day - 1.018
  • BTC balance - 0.00061471

A new season has started in Rollercoin and I've decided to buy the season pass. I will have to work it a fair bit to make sure I maximise the event points so I don't have to spend too much to complete the pass. The season goes for 77 days and costs the same as the last couple of seasons (699 to complete - 99RLT for purchasing the pass, 10RLT per level if you want to buy levels.

One great benefit of buying the pass is that your energy will automatically recharge (using a stored battery) so you dont miss any time and dont forget to do it manually - Nice!

2. Rising Star.png


  • Total Cards - 4582
  • Unique Cards - 540 (but this stat may not have updated)
  • Base Fans - 101778
  • Base Skill - 284761
  • Base Ego - 179428
  • Production Lesson - 1360 - 2719

A couple more 12 packs purchased bumped up my cards by 1778 fans so close to 900 fans per 100,000 starbits - that's not that great but of course you do get skill and luck as well. However without RSG.FAM operating I guess I'll have to live with it as I cant be bothered to do the math and pick cards out manually.

3. Splinterlands.png


  • Owned Cards - 1979
  • Owned Power - 91055
  • DEC - 3568.89
  • SPS - 4045.62
  • Vouchers - 54
  • Est. Ac Value - 264.27

Just slow growth - a bit of a setback as I forgot to top up splintermate so lost about a week of bot playing but thats not that big of a deal. In the meantime almost at 2,000 owned cards and not far from 100,000 owned power not that that matters all that much now as power is not a cap any more (just what cards and skill using them!).


  • Level - 27.78
  • Power - 6.5731GH/s
  • Block - 2.1507
  • Est Mining Reward - 0.000165

Not much to see here, just a slow growth in Block.

5. cointiply.jpg


  • Coins - 111709
  • Est USD - $11.17
  • Est BTC - 0.00036867
  • Withdrawn (coins) - 347302
  • Withdrawn (USD) - 34.73

Nothing much to see here, coins accumulated to 111,709 so growing at a very slow rate but of course that all depends on how much activity you put into it which for me is not much at the moment.

6. Gemly.gif

Days - 71
Ents - 3447177
Estimate ent reward (gems) - 17,236
Estimate ent reward ($) - 0.0017

I'm averaging around 50,000 ents per day between my mercenary earnings & doing the PTC ads. Not too bad. Growing nicely I think and we'll be at 4 million ents soon for sure.

So that about sums it up, 10 days since the last post, a new season in rollercoin and Gemly moving on up. A good 10 days I think.

Thanks for reading!


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