Silvers Stats - Episode 22 - Missed a week but still growing - 100,000 Risingstar Fans!!


Missed last weeks post but some decent growth over the last couple of weeks - more on that below!

1. Roller.png


  • Base Mining Power - 18.198 PH/s
  • Bonus Percent - 92%
  • Total Power - 35.973 PH/s
  • Estimated RLT earning per day - 0.955
  • BTC balance - 0.00060279

Not a huge amount of growth but still growing. Generally I'm earning a bit more RLT per day than previously mostly due to to battery system but every so often I'll forget to use a battery and lose 20% power for a bit of a day.

2. Rising Star.png


  • Total Cards - 4510
  • Unique Cards - 539
  • Base Fans - 100063
  • Base Skill - 276189
  • Base Ego - 173205
  • Production Lesson - 1350-2700

Some huge growth here - I couldn't wait for RSG.FAM to come back online so spend all the saved starbits (topped it up to get to 1million) and blew it all on packs. With all the cards this jumped me up to over 100,000 fans. Buying the packs also got me quite a few new unique cards. So some nice growth after being stagnant for about a month!

3. Splinterlands.png


  • Owned Cards - 1967
  • Owned Power - 90845
  • DEC - 3850.63
  • SPS - 4066.47
  • Vouchers - 53
  • Est. Ac Value - $257.83

Spend a few merits on gladius cards and with the ongoing growth got a bit closer again to 100,000 power - of course just as I get about there Splinterlands is likely to change to power being less important but c'est la vie I guess. Account crept up in value which is nice but has not really recovered all that much since card values took a dive recently.


  • Level - 27.78
  • Power - 6.5731 GH/s
  • Block - 2.079
  • Est Mining Reward - 0.000338

Stagnant really - I really need to think about either discontinuing or putting some effort into this platform.

5. cointiply.jpg


  • Coins - 111076
  • Est USD - $11.11
  • Est BTC - 0.00036773
  • Withdrawn (coins) - 347302
  • Withdrawn (USD) - 34.73

Just slow continuing growth.

6. Gemly.gif

Days - 60
Ents - 2995687
Estimate ent reward (gems) - 14,978
Estimate ent reward ($) - 0.015

It's hard to believe but it's been about two months already with the platform. I'm up to almost 3 million ents which is pretty awesome with no investment so far and it's still growing. Hopefully it'll grow faster and faster and I can get it to earning a decent amount per day.

And so thats another week (two weeks really since I missed a week!). Some growth - a bump in RisingStar, Ents still growing. Just got to keep on growing!

Thanks for reading!


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