Betfury - Quest for 100,000 BFG - Week 41 - Some Changes and a Starbets! The New crypto casino with dividends/mining!

Week 41- Another week another post.   Gambling is tricky, Betfury's platform is a pain and some big changes!

First things first - Feel free to just go to their website directly but if BetFury sounds interesting to you I'd be very happy if you joined up with my referral link:

To keep it simple, I'm trying to build my BetFury account to 100,000 BFG tokens with only what I've started off with and running the various programmes I've listed at the end.  No banking fiat currency just using what I'm earning online from my journeys in the world of Crypto.

New Crypto Casino


Before we get into the usual metrics and so forth, one big piece of news is that there is a new crypto casino that launched in the last month or so, Starbets which I've started working on as you may have seen in my post StarBets - New Betfury-a-like - chance to get in early!

In short it looks to me like its been modelled after Betfury but the key for me is that it is very early and if you are able to get in now mining the Star token is relatively easy at just 0.00001000 BTC or about 6.5 TRX wagered to mine a star token.  

If you have some funds that you can put in and can gamble safely (or just lose) you could get a lot of tokens quite quickly and if the site improves like BetFury has over time do quite well.

For me, I've been registered for about five days now.  I've invested a total of 500 TRX which I got from BetFury and from RisingStar - both platforms are working really well for me now.  Back to Starbets and my progress looks as follows:


Tron Balance - 519 TRX (it should be higher but since I'm travelling and playing on mobile accidents happen and I lost 20 TRX due to "butt dialing" a bet - oops!

Star Token Balance - 202 STAR - not bad from starting at 0!

Daily Dividends - 0.00000007 BTC and 0.02 TRX - Yes it's not all that much but if the platform grows and my Star Tokens grow I hope it will be fairly solid like BetFury.

Some of the gains have been from Referrals - So please do join up and start getting your own referrals too!

And so that is StarBets.

On to the BetFury Metrics:

Keeping thing simple these days - a brief note on metrics and a what I'm doing...

The metrics

BFG - 17398 to 17432 - Gain of 34 - A bit of gambling, some referral rewards and the free boxes - every little bit adds up which I guess is the theme for the week. 


Since we're still in a bit of a crypto winter I guess the rewards took a bit of a plunge back down from USD0.63 to USD 0.53 over the week.  Still very dollar counts and my balance (if I dont gamble them away) will keep building up.  I was converting at about USD5 but looking at USD10 as being a bit better due to the fees.  Might change my mind, haven't decided yet.

What I'm doing:

Still gambling a bit here and there, trying to earn just a few more satoshi or whatever the currency is that feels safe to work with.

The wait for a losing streak then bump the bet up process described last time still works but since it's gambling is still risky.  The bigger the balance you start off with of course the safer it gets...

Another strategy I have been using (with my BNB balance) has been just to let it run with a risky no stop loss on an 8% chance, 9% raise on loss basis.

In short start with a minimum bet and with 0.01BNB to work with it seems to be reasonably safe.  I generally put a stop on profit at 0.00020000 so it doesn't run too long.  With a big enough balance at the start I've survived some pretty long losing streaks and haven't gone bust yet.  I suppose you always have to realise thought that eventually on a long enough horizon the house will eventually win, its just trying to build up enough in between times to live with it!

Other Considerations & Summary

Shame the dividends have drifted back down but they are still not too bad.  If I can get more success gambling then maybe i can start rolling these balances into BFG a bit faster.. will have to see how it goes.

I will be away a while so not sure if I'll be keeping up the weekly post or the gambling but I'll definitely try to keep pushing things ahead whenever I can.

I'm thinking of making a combined Starbets/Betfury post a regular thing replacing the Quest for 100,000 BFG but I haven't quite decided on the format yet.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts on all of this and if you have any tips I'll definitely look into them - and if you're interested in any of the sites I've been using, links are below:


Rollercoin - free 1000 satoshi on signup

Betfury - cryptocurrency casino with free staking rewards

StarBets - cryptocurrency casino like BetFury with free staking rewards

Splinterlands - Play2Earn card game

Risingstargame - Free play2Earn idle game

Faucets and Mining

Cryptotab - Earn BTC while you browse

Cointiply - easy tasks, free crypto

FaucetCrypto - easy tasks, free crypto

Larvelfaucet - Login, click, free crypto for you


Biswap - crypto exchange

Good luck and as always, do your own research!

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