StarBets - New Betfury-a-like - chance to get in early!

By Silver Crypto | Tales of the Crypt0 | 31 Mar 2022

While I'm not really a gambler, I love the idea of passive income and having an exposure to crypto casinos is not a bad plan.  If you've seen my blogs previously, I've been slowly (very slowly!) working on Betfury and slowly earning their token, BFG to get crypto dividends every day.

Well, a very similar project that is only a couple of months in has popped up on my radar, Starbets - its still very early in it's development but it appears to have "copied" many of the features of Betfury, in particular it's got a token, it's got token mining, its started with BTC and then added Tron, it has a referral system etc.

So why am I interested in this?

 - It's very early in the project.

 - Because it is early, mining of their token is relatively easy (more on this below)

 - Mining of the token is like it used to be on Betfury with no minimum wager required.

 - I have some experience with this sort of platform now (thanks Betfury) so why not give another one a go

One thing I have often wished is that I had gotten into Betfury earlier when tokens were easier to come by - in all things crypto being in early is always best!

The site is definitely behind Betfury for not but the basic features are there.  Importantly the basic dice game is there along with some slots so there is a place to start.

Get in Early - Mining is easy now but will get harder!

The system for mining is very similar to BetFury's but with just BTC and TRX supported for now it's really easy to understand.866e90b6dc0f070bdc1ca6f26af68332ba9939c3efead43114f57478d6d53dc2.png

Simply put, their star token can as of today be mined at one token for every accumulated 0.00001BTC or every 6.5359 Tron. That is incredibly cheap so if you have just a small amount of funds available you'll be able to mine tokens pretty fast.  The cost goes up very 100,000,000 so it would pay to get in early to get the tokens as cheap as possible.

Much like BetFury they do plan to list the token and so forth so this could be a great earning opportunity.

Referral Bonus (shameless ask here!)

Much like BetFury there is a referral bonus, 0.1% of every bet they make and 5% of their mined tokens so if you're interested in this do please sign up with my Referral code.  

Yes it's a shameless ask but I'm asking anyways!  It doesn't hurt you and I have been told that apparently there is a 0.00001BTC signing bonus if you do use a referral code.  I didn't get one because I didn't look for someones code first but if you try mine and get a bonus let me know.

My plan going forwards.

I've been away travelling so haven't been updating my Betfury Quest recently but I plan to combine the BetFury quest and Starbets into one weekly post to see how progress is going.

Speaking of progress...

On another note, it's been about 12 hours since I signed up to the Starbets and with an initial deposit of 50 TRX I so far havent lost any money but have earned 0.2 STAR.

Having dipped my toes into the pool so to speak, I've decided to use 100 TRX saved up on BetFury to give myself a bit more starting capital and see where I go from there.  I am considering moving some HIVE into TRX from my RisingStar earnings into the game to give it a bit of a boost too since it's so early in the program.  Definitely something I'm considering.


So to sum up - it's another Crypto Casino and given it's similarity to BetFury I thought I'd give it a go.  It can't hurt to try and if it takes off like BetFury and I manage to get a decent pool of Star tokens saved early it could be a great little earner!

So long and short of it, give it a try - use my link please!

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Good luck and as always, do your own research!

Have fun, and gamble responsibly if you're into CryptoCurrency Casinos!







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Tales of the Crypt0

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