Bet Fury - What is a BFG worth? Bet per BFG and USD per BFG

It seems that quite a few people found the last article on BetFury interesting so I thought I'd do another one since Rollercoin and Splinterlands are pretty quiet for me at the moment.

So first things first - Feel free to just go to their website directly but if BetFury sounds interesting to you I'd be very happy if you joined up with my referral link:

Servelle left me a comment on the previous post, Betfury - Dice Strategy, Announcement and progress so far, in short he suggested that it may be best to:

 "gain levels (BFG) at the beginning, I think we must above all play with a 95% chance of winning until we run out of funds and start over the next day."

In short I guess what he means is that playing a simple strategy of just using a 95 win chance with the minimum bet would earn you a lot of BFG as you use up your balance  - while it is an overall losing proposition (i.e. you'll lose your balance) you will do a lot of wagering which is what earns you the BFG - not winning, not losing but making those bets.  (Servelle - feel free to comment and correct me if I'm wrong about your comment!).

He is probably right - To build up my balances so far I only really looked at using the free BTC and BNB and it did take a while using the Martingale strategy and variants of it with different % increases on loss to get to the balances I have in those currencies now. (The ETH, TRX, USDT and BTT have all come from staking once I made it to 10 BFG).

Anyway I thought I'd try an experiment to see how much BFG you earn per wager.  Now I'm not sure how much this changes over time (BetFury may change the rates often or not who knows).  I did a few tests using fairly low bets depending on the currency and at 95% win rate.

This is what I found out:


In short it appears that 1 BFG is worth, in wagers, approximately 5 USD.  Based on the rates from Coinbase when I wrote this and based on the results I got from BFG using the bet amounts above and the amount of BFG earned each time.

It appears that the best return per wager is on TRX but broadly it probably doesn't make much difference.  The discrepancy between TRX/BTT and the others is probably because of the much lower value of those currencies and the conversion rate on Coinbase.

I also tried doing a 0.00000005 BTC bet and it earned 0.00058820 BFG (or 5.001 times 0.00000001 BTC bet).

So what are my takeaways from this:

  • A BFG is priced at about USD5.00
  • Generally wagers totaling about USD 5.00 will earn you 1 BFG regardless of whether you to it in small bits or as one big wager
  • The value of the minimum bet 95% win rate strategy is to maximise your amount wagered but will take a long time to earn a BFG with the lower value currencies.

So hope you've found the above interesting and do feel free to check and see if my results are right. If you're not on them already, as always, feel free to join the programs I've been using with the links below (which I'd really appreciate) or go to their sites directly and have a go.

Always have fun and never gamble more than you can lose!


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