How to win a battle in Splinterlands without making an attack!

A couple of days ago I had a rather interesting battle in Splinterlands that I would like to share. In this particular match, I didn't make a single attack, yet I still won the battle!


How is this possible? With one high-level, geometric Monster, the Gelatinous Cube plus one particular battle Ruleset that synergizes perfectly with the Cube's Scavenge and healing abilities -- Noxious Fumes.

Noxious Fumes causes all Monsters on the battlefield to start the game Poisoned, so that they will lose two life at the end of every round. Noxious Fumes can be Cleansed, but there are not a whole lot of options on that front, so it's rare to see. The other option is to heal through it.

The Gelatinous Cube is by far my favorite Monster to use in these battles. Especially at level 6 or higher. The healing, combined with Scavenging all of the dead, can lead to a nearly unkillable Cube!

Below is the link to the battle where I won without making a single attack. Basically, my Cube just absorbed extra life from all the other Monsters dying, to the point where it could heal for more than it was being damaged.

If you interested in playing Splinterlands, you can join with my reference link -

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