Brave passes 10 Million active users, a 19% increase since launch

Brave passes 10 Million active users, a 19% increase since launch

Brave hits 10 Million User Milestone



Blockchain-based digital advertising platform, Brave, has officially passed the 10 million mark for active users, as user familiarity with their faster load times, less tracking, and financial incentives grows. They claim this is a 19% growth in active users since their launch date. Those familiar with cryptocurrency will switch for the incentive provided by ads, while others will switch simply to skip the increasing number of ads on videos.


BAT Community

Some users however are reporting a reduction of memory usage of up to 60% as compared to Chrome.


Blockchain-based digital advertising platform, Brave, has elevated the quality of it's platform particularly impressively through user feedback and interaction. They even helped me with my own issues related to tipping on my twitter page. They are extremely dedicated and have industry connections that make the Brave/BAT project look promising enough for me to predict it will be a top 10 cryptocurrency.


If you are reading this (or have already read it), please do your own research for yourself before you decide to invest in any cryptocurrency. The current price fluctuations of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency in relation to fiat currencies are meaningless when you are looking at them as investments. Be certain you understand the risk you are taking before you make a significant investment. 


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