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Welcome to my World

     In this article I will start with a couple basics to get you going.  I am not gonna go deep but you really need to click around and explore some for yourself anyway.  Once you have checked it out a little, come back and reread this to help you get to the next level.  I will also teach you a few more advanced techniques of game and give you some of my recommendations to help you enjoy the game more.  And perhaps, help get you off to a quicker start. 

The Basics

     First off, Prospectors has 2 maps.  Yukon and Wild West.  Yukon is on the WAX blockchain.  Wild West is on the EOS blockchain.  You will need to sign up for both if you want to play both.  Pay attention during the walkthroughs as this is a complex game.  I would recommend both as you can transfer (Migrate) gold back and forth free and easy.  If you end up deciding to focus on one, you can supplement from the other to help you achieve your goals faster.

                                                         Moving pgl from map to map


     You will also need to have a wallet for WAX as well as one for EOS.  These are both for in game transactions as well as instant withdrawals and deposits.  If you use Coinbase, I would recommend the Wombat Wallet for EOS.  It makes everything pretty seemless.  If you prefer to withdraw into a different currency, like Bitcoin, then you will want to use WAX for transfers into and out of the game.  When you sign up you will be given many options.  In order to deposit and withdraw, you also will need to use an exchange. is very common.  It is a bit confusing but you can exchange straight from EOS to PGL or WAX to PGL.  There are others.  If you like one better then you are a step ahead of most.

                                                          Changing PGL to Gold

     PGL is the game currency that is used to take money on and off of the game.   1 PGL=1000 game gold.  At the time of this writing the cost of PGL is about $.015 USD.  It has been as high as $25.  Just a spike really but many predict $.10 or more by end of year.  We will see.  Point is...good value to buy a little while it is cheap.  $5 gets puts you into a quick start and you can withdraw that $5 in a couple weeks.  That is my recommendation.  It will make the game more enjoyable from the start.

     You can start with no money no problem.  You will just have to be more involved on an hourly basis.  It is much more of a grind.  You may be able to work something out with someone to get you started faster though.

The First Major Goal You Have is to Get Your Certificate

     Warning:  This game is VERY SLOW PACED.  It is played over months and perhaps years.  I've been playing for about three months now.  I started collecting resources myself and building my own tools.  Tools were very expensive.  As was the certificate to be able to work for 5 hour stretches and mine gold.  I was fairly dedicated and in about 3 weeks I thought I was about ready to buy my certificate and realized it was time to replace my tools.  This was after someone had helped me with a good job and a couple tools.

     When I realized I would be waiting another 2 weeks or more to be able to get my certificate, I decided to figure out the whole deposit thing and put $5 into the game.  That gave me about 1300 PGL or 1.3 million game gold.  I split that up between the Wild West and Yukon.  

     First I bought certificate in both.  Now I could make over 2000G per 5 hours in the Yukon and 1000G+ in 300 minutes in Wild West.  I even had a few jobs in Yukon that paid 9G per minute for a total of 2700G per 5 hours.  MINUS TAXES of course.  I also went from working a total of 3-6 hours a day to working 15-20 hours per day.  I had less travel time and didn't lose jobs as often.  I didn't have to be a slave to the game.  I checked in every morning when I woke up and got my guys started and got ready for my real life job.  2 minutes before I left if I needed to.  Then after work and before bed.  Sometimes at lunchtime too.  So I was bringing in about 60K per day in Yukon and 30K in Wild West for all three workers.  1.3 Million divided by 90,000 is just over 14 days to pay it back. 

But I did it in about a week instead.  I only needed a little more than half to get everything I needed.

     I did a little math.  Figured out I could harvest and sell wood and make a bit over 3000 and not have to travel as much.  But I would need wagons.  So I did that for the Yukon and just kept doing jobs in the Wild West.  Then wages started dropping on both sides.  Prices of tools took a nose dive.  Wagons went from 40K gold to 17K in just 3 days.  So I was harvesting resources from both sides and and selling them at a good price. 

               West Coal Market  West Clay Market

Even Now I harvest and sell to high bidders with all of my workers when I am not gathering for myself

Even though I have a couple shops now, I still use my workers to gather but use the math to maximize.  And here is the basic math.

Ore:  amount of ore x .000001 x 6 = amount mined per minute

     example:  plot has ore deposit of 12397   I will round that down to 12000 because as you take ore the amount will go down obviously.  So...12000x.000001=.012x6=.072 KG of ore per minute.  multiply by market value-currently 60G per KG.  .072x60=4.32 gold per minute.  That does not account for transport.  It will take about 3500 minutes to fill up a wagon.  If you add 200 minutes for transport (hopefully you find a closer spot to the best price) you are looking at 3700 minutes total.  60x250=15000G/3700=4.05 per minute. 

     This is also a very reasonable job with a backpack only.  60x30=1800 gold value collected in 420 minutes =4.28 per minute.  Transport time is much more important with only a backpack as a 200 minute trek will drop your per minute earnings to 2.90 gold per minute.

Given an equal deposit, you harvest coal and clay twice as fast as ore

     Wood and stone are 1KG per minute.  You really want a wagon to maximize here or you will spend all your time in transport.  Don't even bother in Wild West.  Even if the update brings a mass amount of trees, those lots will be snatched up quickly.  You may be able to do trees for a while on the lots with smaller deposits, but it won't last long because it will be very lucrative and everyone will be doing it.

     The cost of these vary on the market while gold is stable.  Generally speaking, 10K plus lots are what you wanna be mining.  And take into account travel time and equipment.  If you have a backpack only but have a certificate, you can mine gold plots steadily for a very long time without  moving and just convert your gold on the spot.  That will change with the update on Feb 28.  You will have to carry it to a bank to exchange it in the game.  But you can still carry quite a bit of value before moving.  If you have a wagon, you can harvest any material that brings the best return and sell it nearby. 

     Gold has the lowest rate at size of gold deposit  x .000001 = amount mined per minute.  However, there is far more in a goldmine generally speaking.  An easy approximate is that you earn about 3.5 G per minute on a 3.5 million gold plot.  Simple.  That should not change. 

     Finally, sometimes it is better to take a lower paying job that is close.  Or one that only needs one tool.  Way easier to get 3 workers earning a decent wage when you only have to buy 1 tool each.  You upgrade to better jobs faster.  If you have a wagon, transport time is less important and I try to schedule the transport part for when I am sleeping so I might head out with a lighter load if I am very far away.

Moving On Up

My Iron Furnace    My Tool Shop

     Now, my stack of gold has grown to enough to make some moves.  I bought a toolshop in the Wild West, but paid too much for it.  So then I bought a furnace to help it along.  Now I am making a small profit and paying my workers good wages to collect what I need and move stuff around.  I hire out to do all my work orders and have been making a slow but steady profit.  I also bought a brickyard for cheap in Yukon.  I thought it was a sawmill but it is doing pretty well for now.  

     Right now, I need help gathering resources.  Anyone willing to dedicate some time will be rewarded with a jump start from me.  Each case and timing is a little different so each deal will be different.  The price for everything is constantly evolving according to supply and demand.  I do the math.  If you follow me and we help each other, I will help you find good places to work and gather and perhaps more.  The more you want free, the more tasks I will require.

I also plan to hold some contests as my empire grows.  So keep checking for new posts.

If you use my referral links, I will try harder to help you.

Be sure to comment here with your Prospectors names included.

So follow me and give me some comments.  Comments are the most important to me especially about my writing style and ways I can improve my approach. 

Thank you for taking the time to join me on my journey

I Have just added a new article which includes a contest.  Check it out.



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