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A token is a unit of value that represents multiple facets, such as monetary value, voting influence et al, in a blockchain network. Blockchains do not necessarily need a token to function - IBM’s Fabric and R3’s Corda are examples of two blockchains that eschew tokens. 

Although blockchain networks can function without the need for a token, these networks lose much of the benefits that come with the use of a token - user incentivization, for example. However, it is true that some enterprise level permissioned networks would gain benefit from simply deploying a distributed ledger without a token.

Several kinds of tokens exist, though they have informally been categorized as being either utility tokens or security tokens. Utility tokens are those that let a user further avail a platform’s services or products - Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a good example of a utility token. Security tokens are more like traditional investments - these tokens are those for which the user expects some kind of return after a period of time.  

Another important element of a digital token is the fact that it can be used as a virtual representation of a physical or traditional asset, such as gold, real estate and commodities. This has several benefits for the investor. 

By tokenizing a piece of land or gold into fractional, digital units, it allows investors to make a fractional investment in the asset, affordably and conveniently, as they do not have to pay a large sum or worry about maintenance and possession. This is perhaps the most discussed property of tokens.

A look at upcoming token unlocks

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I feel that sometimes people tend to skip the analysis of tokenomics before investing in a certain project. We often affirm that FIAT currencies are destined to depreciate due to the possibility of infinitely printing them. This is clearly right, but...

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Sam Altman’s Worldcoin token goes live on Optimism

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Sam Altman, CEO of ChatGPT maker OpenAI, announces token launch and wallet release for his controversial iris-scanning startup. Worldcoin launched its WLD token and protocol on Monday, the foundation announced on Twitter. The project's unique feature...

Poly Network hacker issues over 2 trillion tokens

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Poly Network overlooked a serious security vulnerability resulting from a weak multisig arrangement that allowed an attacker to hack the system and mint tokens.   Yesterday, Poly Network, a global cross-chain protocol, shocked its users with news abo...

TAKA Token - A Pioneering Concept

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The growing uncertainty in the web space has laid the foundation for protecting the financial data of investors and insurers by developing modern means that mitigate risks of data theft and breach risks. Among the most revolutionary perspect...

Understanding ERC-20: The Standard for Tokenized Economies

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In the world of blockchain and decentralized finance, ERC-20 has emerged as the most widely adopted standard for creating and managing tokens on the Ethereum network. ERC-20, short for Ethereum Request for Comment 20, has revolutionized the tokenizat...

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Kunji Finance is an asset management platform that aims to address the challenges of transparency, accessibility, and secure custody of funds in the crypto industry. Its goal is to democratize access to asset management services and provide users wi...

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Tokenomics: the Сrypto Project Research Essential

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While doing research on crypto projects, it is simply impossible to ignore such a phenomenon as tokenomics. The word itself comes from the two terms – "token" and "economy". You’ll often encounter this word in the Web3 space. But what is it and why i...

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After Xiao Feng, chairman of Wanxiang Blockchain, proposed the “Three-Token Model” and reiterated that the value and development direction of tokens should not be limited to the market and price, a16z also published an article “Tokenology: Moving be...