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Wirtual Free Move-To-Earn Project That's On Par With STEPN And $GMT.

29 Apr 2022 3 minute read 1 comment Mr. Valentine ❣️

It is now undeniable that we have already taken the step to the new trend in the crypto space. It all started with STEPN with the concept of rewarding people by having a healthy lifestyle through moving around anywhere and anytime. The $GMT token, wh...

What Is STEPN ($GMT)?

11 Apr 2022 6 minute read 5 comments SimpleHold

Intro  Stepn is the first Move to Earn app for an active lifestyle within the Web3 with Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements of an Australian origin. Thanks to the app, you can earn $GMT and $GST tokens just walking in the park or jogging. First, you only...

WEB 3 games are coming, make money just for walking ! Really?

11 Mar 2022 2 minute read 1 comment Nuggets

I got sent a video from someone who is not even in the crypto nft space so this must mean something, the video was a youtube talking about making money just for walking. the app's name is Step'n. I didn't even watch the video I immediately search the...

STEPN, app move to earn

7 Mar 2022 2 minute read 5 comments avro

As a user of Binance, one of the functions that I like the most because of the returns it offers is its launchpad, but also because of the opportunity to learn about new projects in the crypto world. Thanks to its latest release, I came across STEPN,...

Thoughts on the next Binance Launchpad: STEPN (GMT)

3 Mar 2022 7 minute read 5 comments bengy

Binance Launchpad: STEPN (GMT)   Well... it hasn't been so long since the last Binance Launchpad, and here we are with another one. This is a bit of new and unusual one in that it isn't a fan token one which has been the bulk of the last launchpads....

Three Metaverse Projects you MUST NOT MISS in 2022!

24 Feb 2022 2 minute read 10 comments Publish0x PRs

Games have always been considered the most direct and largest gateway application of the Metaverse. Blockchain gaming has solved the pain point of most NFTs and Metaverse concepts that have no application scenarios and value that cannot be realized...