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SingularityNET (AGI)

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SingularityNET (AGI) is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketplace focused project that was founded in 2017 by Ben Goertzel, Cassio Pennachin and Simone Giacomelli. The project attracted a lot of attention after its ICO in 2018 raised roughly $36 million in just 60 seconds. 

The SingularityNET platform is a building an AI marketplace where the power of AI, and its creation and distribution, is decentralized and democratic. The team wants to democratize the access of the powerful and emerging AI technology, and they believe that they can do this through the decentralized marketplace. 

Wishing to be as blockchain agnostic as possible, the team wishes to minimize the dependence on the Ethereum blockchain and they may even design their own consensus algorithm. Another major feature of the platform is the Daemon, “a sidecar proxy used to communicate with services and the network.” The AI marketplace is the third key element on the network, and is where users can purchase AI services.

The team also places a heavy emphasis on research with the intention of boosting the products and services to strengthen and sustain the long-term capabilities of the network. These research areas include semantic perception, reputation systems, language learning and alternatives to currency-based exchanges.

Progress since the project’s ICO has been swift, with the Beta version 2 of the platform already nearing completion in 2019. Milestones achieved this year include a Software Development Kit, and stability and performance improvements. Current development efforts include SingularityNET Enhancement Proposal (SNEP), a fiat to crypto gateway, a Marketplace DApp and support for additional pricing models.

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SingularityNet’s ecosystem is rapidly expanding. Spinoff projects are utilizing Singularity’s library to develop efficient AI powered solutions. SingularityDAO is the first sovereign cryptocurrency project born out of SingularityNet. Ben and his tea...

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While researching one of my many topics I love, artificial intelligence, and how to code or convert existing code to build my own open source AI, I couldn't help but run into Sophia the robot. Famous to the world as the artificially intelligent robot...

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SingularityNET (AGI) Has Formed Bullish Shark And Completed Bullish Setup For Upto 48% Move

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Priceline of world's 300th largest cryptocurrency out of more than 2300 crypto tokens SingularityNET (AGI) has formed bullish Shark pattern and entered in potential reversal zone. This potential reversal zone should be used as stop loss in case of co...

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