This week in 3 words: We’ve been duped (The Rundown 3/4)

The Rundown — March 4th

Biden gaslights the nation — Instead of focusing on topics Americans care about (like our open southern border and skyrocketing inflation), Biden talked about transing the kids and FUNDING police during his SOTU. Sheesh! If it wasn’t for Lauren Boebert interjecting mid-speech, Afghanistan wouldn’t have even been mentioned. No wonder only 41% of viewers reacted positively.

Putin wins noble peace prize for ending Covid — OK, that was a Babylon Bee headline, but it is crazy to see just how quickly fears of Covid morphed into fears of Russia. Of course, libs are losing their minds. We’re now seeing corporate media outlets like The Atlantic bring up topics that were considered misinformation just a few days ago. Go figure.

Americans are turning into “preppers” at alarming rates — Thanks to inflation, souring food prices, and a decrease in institutional trust, Americans are turning towards bulk-buying and hoarding to stay prepared. What was once considered a “fringe” theory has evolved into a new normal according to WSJ.

The California exodus is REAL — And it has impacted every state in America. From the data, Americans and businesses are fleeing blue states for red ones in search of better opportunities, more affordable costs of living, and less tyrannical governments. It will be interesting to see how this political sorting plays out come November. Read more.

CEO loses $100 million thanks to Facebook algorithm change — Entrepreneurs like Joe Spieser say they are going under because of Facebook algorithm tweaks. Causing up to 90% in lost organic traffic overnight. The solution? Move to alternative platforms like Gab, NOW!

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