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$19 Million Bounty Offered for Recent Nomad Bridge Hack

6 Aug 2022 2 minute read 0 comments kev_nag

“Cross-chain bridge Nomad announced up to a 10% bounty through appealing on the website and Twitter for hackers after its platform has been exploited in the cyberattack earlier this week that led to nearly $200 million loss” [Rajpalsinh. Nomad Bridge...

Are Cross Chain Bridge Safe? How Nomad Was Hacked!

6 Aug 2022 3 minute read 9 comments ☑️0🆇D̺͈͙͕̿ͧ̑ͣ🅰🆅🅸🅳eͤ

A few days ago Nomad bridge was hacked and all liquidity drained. You all will also remember the hacking of the Wormhole about 1 year ago. The Wormhole connects the Solana world with the EVM world (Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Bnb Chain, etc). Chain...

Get more views per post|More Earning

28 Oct 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Hermitworldwide

This is another platform that I found particularly interesting, they have tasks available for rewards upon completion and users can fund and setup tasks. The trick I observed while doing some tasks is to be transparent and do exactly what they requi...

The Drifter

28 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Aerials

Stray between East, and Norse, and the Wild Wild WestDrifts an old, lonely boat and it knows no restWinds in the sail, chopping seas stretching all aroundMan on the boat has forgotten the stable ground feeling beneath his feet and he’s getting tiredF...