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finding the perfect timeline - z8fo

8 Oct 2020 3 minute read 0 comments Askar shares stories

--timeline curropted-- --timeline unstable--please report this to the creator, timeline may have unexpected results @ Masaru woke up, but this time his vision was clear as light, he looked around, and saw that he is in a nature looking a...

terra lord adventure chapter 1 - creations part 1

6 Oct 2020 7 minute read 0 comments Askar shares stories

Somewhere, in a far part of the universe, the universe known as terra lord, one a random star, it was colored orange, it was shaped like a meteor, but it was 2 times the size of earth, there was someone resting there, on the star there was a castle,...

finding the perfect timeline - 7 - ?

6 Oct 2020 3 minute read 0 comments Askar shares stories

i created the world with a specific target, for Masaru to get access to other universes in this multiverse, Masaru is confused to why all the characters hate on him in this town, as a small twist of events, i made his aura dark, that way, he will ha...

Spider Web Jewel

14 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments HamondStrabwary

I was thinking about a stained glass art project. After diddling about on the old laptop, my project was not going where I wanted. The window started to gain more a jewelry flavor than the house ware taste I was aiming for. I decided to lean things t...

Focus On Imagination Motivates Life To Succeed

11 Jul 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Gboyega Ogunmola Writer

Life exists according to what is perceived by all of us. The lifestyle focuses on how each of us thinks about achievement and success in a world of today. Everyone of us desires for what we want to accomplish in our own lives. We are motivated to suc...

Beware of vamps (An original short story) Part 1 of 5

22 May 2020 4 minute read 0 comments mgaft1

  The Slime Drawing.   “Come on Vince, be good. I just need to take a sample of your fluids.” “I want to suck your blood,” Vince is piercing Kuhn with his non-winking irksome eyes. “Cut this out! Come on, be a good sport and when we are done, I’ll g...

Believing In Possibility Makes Life Successful

5 Jan 2020 1 minute read 2 comments Gboyega Ogunmola Writer

Life is believed to exist according to how each of us perceives ourselves. The world of today has many possibilities, but no one is able to understand what life proposes. We don't have the self-confidence to move onwards along the journey of life. We...

Focusing On Success Imagines What Life Should Be

9 Dec 2019 1 minute read 2 comments Gboyega Ogunmola Writer

The imagination of life focuses on a successful lifestyle in the world of today. All of us dream about the expectations of life, but we don't complement that success with a goal. We expect the best of time to materialize for us. Life is unknown to ev...

Stone Rose

25 Nov 2019 2 minute read 0 comments mgaft1

Rosaline turned off her phone, fell her face down on the bed, her dense black hair scattered over a pillow and broke into tears. Her heart was broken. Her boyfriend Jim, a person whom she gave all of her heart, mind, and body, betrayed her with anoth...

The Lost Princess

19 Jul 2019 2 minute read 0 comments razeiv

Hi folks, i hope we all are having a good time here 🙂 We have heard many tales of Prince and princess and as you me too. So i am inspired you can say from reading those prince and princess stories mostly during my childhood days, which unfortunately...