finding the perfect timeline - 7 - ?

  • i created the world with a specific target, for Masaru to get access to other universes in this multiverse, Masaru is confused to why all the characters hate on him in this town, as a small twist of events, i made his aura dark, that way, he will have a reason to fight! he will have to fight his way to other universes, i will keep track on everything Masaru is doing aswell, Akira will follow him from the hidden so he wont try to kill himself or something

@ Masaru went to the town every now and then, people refused to give him what he needed to survive, no food, no water, not even a penny! it was like they were trying to torture him!
@ none of Askar's creations are in this timeline, even if they were, they would probably hate on Masaru anyway, Masaru ended up fishing for food and using his energy to purify water so he could drink, not an ideal way to survive, but it worked for him, non the less, he couldnt shake the feeling of being hated by everyone, he just wanted to wait until Askar destroyed this timeline,

  • ###, so you came...
    ###> yea! you look tired, were you sleeping well?
  • i guess im too much of a perfectionist.. never mind that, i need a last favor from you
    ###> sure pal! anything you need!
  • i need you to hold this for me, for when the time comes, i could be hidden, hidden from him!
    ###> wait, thats your soul... are you sure?
  • yes, im sure.. its just a matter of time for me, and i dont wanna lose this world, its the final time the experiment child will change everything, including the course of this world, if he dares to rebuse this world, it will all end for me, and it will be up to him to create the new world, but if he resets, i might actually be able to change stuff here for my ideal world, i need a rest...
    ###> ugh... so when will the... what his name, get into the adventure?
  • i dont know.. this world is meant for him be hurt as much as possible, but if he changes something, it might change the future...
    ###> uh huh... i dont get anything... well, as long i will be able to play your game, i dont think its a problem.
  • dont worry, the truce you made with him wont be harmed, not by you atleast, non the less, i wouldnt hasted to start the game just yet, wait for the signal, and it will be the time
    ###> whats the signal?
  • youll know when it happens
  • after i gave ### my soul, i had no choice but to view from behind
    @ Masaru went around the timeline, looking for more people, maybe someone would agree to be his friend...
    @ no luck, this world is empty from people, aside of the town, theres no one...
    Masaru> i had enough from this world, time to take action!
    @ Masaru went back to the town, people kept attacking him, but this time, he acted differently
    ;act - ignore > attack

@ Masaru went through a baserk attacking spree, hoping something will happen, the town people tried to defend themself, but with no luck, it seemed that everyone would have died, when suddenly, someone that was actually pure enough to realize Masaru's actions are from stress, came up to him..
?> hi, why are you doing this?
Masaru> why not, they hate me, ill give them a reason to then!
?> i dont think your doing this for evil, whats wrong, can i help you?
Masary> ...
@ after that, Masaru went through and explained everything that happened, from her death, to the duel, to this world.
?> seems like you were though a lot, no... thats not right... you shouldnt be controlled by him!
Masaru> i just wish to end it finally, im sick of his actions!
?> lets go, we will fight him together!
Masaru> i dont think your the type to fight kid...
?> not physical blows explosions from hands but projectiles i am!
@ Masaru and the kid went to Askar to settle the score

> so you decided to rebel against me in the end..
masaru> arent you gonna fight?
> no
masaru pov> what his planing?
?> why did you do all this?
> ?
?> why did you allow her to die? why didnt you revive her? why did you torture Masaru?
> i choose what will happen in this world, i choose who plays and who doesnt, and dont you think the best stories come from those who are tortured the most?
?> do me a favor, next time you make a timeline, dont give us feelings, we dont deserve that torture, keep your troubles for yourself, okay?
masaru> you betrayer! hits the reset button and recreate buttons at the same time by accident

------data recovery-----
| new timeline found,
| entering new timeline
| timeline ending changed
| playing game

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Askar shares stories
Askar shares stories

my name is Askar, im usually really creative, i love to write stories, and i plan to write some to this platform, hope you all like them :)

The perfect timeline
The perfect timeline

a story of a frustrated perfectionist, who tries to make the perfect timeline for his story, despite his efforts, he ends up hurt, lost and frustrated by every timeline, on top of that, he ends up also hurting people and making others fear him more

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