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Gods Unchained Video: Deception vs War

18 Mar 2022 1 minute read 0 comments servelle

In this video I show an easy victory of the goddess Deception against the god War and the power of two cards, Umber Arrow and Jinxblade Duelist.     I was very lucky with the cards and was able to use these two to their full potential:Umber arrow al...

Gods Unchained: A battle of thieves !

16 Mar 2022 1 minute read 0 comments servelle

In this video I show a battle of thieves between two Deception Ludia goddesses. The game is played at the Midnight Shadow rank, my opponent and I play the goddess Ludia (Deception) with the same power, Olpheo's distraction which causes 1 dmg to a cre...

Gods Unchained Gameplay Video

14 Mar 2022 1 minute read 2 comments servelle

  This video shows the gameplay of Gods Unchained in a battle between the god Deception and the god Nature. The game is played at Midnight Shadow rank, I play with the god Deception (my favorite) and Orfeo's Distraction power which causes 1 dmg to a...

Paradigm Review: A Very, Very Surreal Adventure Game

22 Feb 2022 3 minute read 0 comments Ghostcat

I´m at it again, with another Game review about a surreal adventure game called Paradigm developed by Jacob Janerka. I got this one a while ago, with the HUMBLE AUSTRALIA FIRE RELIEF BUNDLE, and only just now got around to playing it (you should see...

Wailing Height Walkthrough #1: We Are The Deadbeats

13 Feb 2022 1 minute read 0 comments Ghostcat

Video Summary: After a long hiatus, I´m back again with another walkthrough about a game called Wailing Heights, a musical adventure with monsters. The game centers around Finklestein or "Bite Me" Finklestein for their friends. After the Death of th...

Splinterlands | Strong Gladius cards | Quora Towershead

8 Feb 2022 4 minute read 0 comments Frosttag

Not signed up for splinterlands yet? Make sure to use this link and sign up! Intro In this series I'm covering the best Gladius cards out there. Since you can't buy gladius cards and most players have played a lot less brawl battles than ranked... Legit or Scam?

31 Jan 2022 1 minute read 1 comment Ginae B. McDonald

Upon having discovered this site, I was excited to find a TRUE earn-to-play.  Upon signing up, you are offered a free and a free 150 points.  Sweet. You can upgrade using Bitcoin sat's.  Does this sound like a good place to use those scra...

UFO Gaming Update

23 Jan 2022 1 minute read 0 comments Stewby_Doobz

Earlier this week UFO gaming announced they'll be doing a UFO Gaming Bi-weekly - once every two week technology blog or community update that will showcase parts of what they're working on.  I get these updates through their discord server, you can g...

Quid Est Realitas? The Uncontaminated Metaverse of the Red Pill Savages

21 Dec 2021 4 minute read 0 comments Pol Chain

Civilization or barbarism? The existing world, the one out there, the one seen from the windows of houses, universities and offices, the Real Reality (RR) has already tried Civilization. The verdict of the election is debatable Now there is another...

Milkmaid of the Milkyway Walkthrough: Final Episode

7 Dec 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Ghostcat

Video Summary: This is the final episode! After fixing up a machine, I ended up on a final confrontation with the Alien Queen herself. I spent some time stuck when the Queen was using her powers on me (had to sabotage the ship). After that puzzle wa...