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Hierarchy's Fire

17 May 2023 18 minute read 0 comments MatTehCat

The hierarchy within, established by the hierarchy from without, reflects the hierarchy of us all.     At the crossroads of contemporary society lies a thought-provoking paradox, where the essence of freedom and liberty finds its ultimate manifestat...

The Nine Habits of Shitgibbons: Christian Edition

11 May 2023 7 minute read 3 comments Rorschach's Journal

Since The Loony Liberal seems to have taken an extended leave of absence from Pub0x, with no indication of when he'll return, at least somebody has to step into the fray and bash the bible bashers. Gladly, I will take up that mantle and carry that to...

Reaching Through the Framework: Biopolitics, the Madman, and Ethical Knowledge Systems

3 May 2023 14 minute read 2 comments MatTehCat

  Playing the Game of Life, Man can Transform Himself for the Better and Worse. How do we arrive at what’s true and false, and how do reality and fiction relate to Power? Foucault’s analysis of power relations is predicated on this question. For Fou...

The Shadow's Mask: Truth, Language, and Aesthetics

26 Apr 2023 12 minute read 0 comments MatTehCat

In the space between this moment and the next… there is the truth. On Monday, the 24th of April, I began my discussion of Michel Foucault’s work on aesthetics vis-à-vis his ethical work. Today, I will be continuing that analysis. What I find most int...

Madness, Death, and Life: An Ethical Aesthetic

24 Apr 2023 12 minute read 1 comment MatTehCat

To live as if we are a work of art is to live madly, yet to live as if we are not mad is madness itself. On Friday, the 21st of April, I concluded my discussion of Michel Foucault’s work on ethics by claiming we must make our life a work of art. Sere...

Foucault's Ethical Model and Biopolitics

19 Apr 2023 10 minute read 0 comments MatTehCat

Ask not what your state can do for you but what you can do for the state. In my post on Monday, the 17th of April, I explored the relationship between knowledge and Power as identified by Foucault; specifically, learned knowledge or categorical knowl...

Has humanity lost its way?

11 Apr 2023 2 minute read 15 comments alberdioni8406

What is happening with human society? This question may seem banal, but nowadays it is increasingly present in people's minds. What is happening with humans? Today's men have the best tools to live better than men in the past, but they do not use the...

A Photonic Powered AI/ML Blockchain and DAO? Scary without a Leash.

14 Jul 2022 8 minute read 1 comment Thunderboltkid

What happens when Photonic Computing starts to power AI/ML 100X faster than current GPUs and FPGAs? Without human control, I suspect not much good will come the way of the 'herd', that is "we the people", the general population of this little green p...

CRYPTO MYTHBUSTER PART 3: DCA – Is it ok to tell a lie for the greater good?

31 Jan 2022 7 minute read 1 comment Sam from Crypto Ethics

In part 1 & 2 I already talked about Bitcoin as a store of value and index investing in the crypto space. In both cases big names in the crypto community seem to lie to the community or at best don’t know what they are talking about. I suspect that s...

CRYPTO MYTHBUSTER PART 2: Index Investing – Is it ok to tell a lie for the greater good?

7 Jan 2022 8 minute read 1 comment Sam from Crypto Ethics

In my last article I talked about the myth of Bitcoin being a great store of value and established a first part of the ethics of lying: This...