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Hello everyone , please do not be angry with me, my friends. This is just my observation of what is happening recently on the Publish platform. My words may not be liked by some, but it must be written.


I will not talk about crypto or technological advancement in this article, but I want to point out an important note that caught my attention as well as my question. My observation is about the indecent images that many of the writers of this platform have been publishing, and the matter has increased remarkably in recent months.

When we put a picture to the article, it must express the content in a way that gives an idea of ​​the topic or an approximation to what it includes of information, event, or other things. However, I don't think that exhibiting a woman's intimate parts may add a value to an article whatever the topic was. 

I believe that the content is what attracts the reader who is interested in serious topics, and it does not matter to publish pictures. Sometimes we find a good article that is Trending, but putting just  one picture that expresses in a simple way the content presented.

The idea of ​​publishing explicit pictures will not help attract readers, on the contrary, it will alienate them. Honestly , I am disgusted to see such pictures on this platform.
I wonder why the Publish0x  platform does not prevent the publication of such images, as it falls under what is called obscenity, and this is contrary to the moral values ​​that we strive to preserve from any desecration of any kind. There must red lines that must not be crossed. I even received through my email a disgusting reply on some posts from someone called Blackass or whatever ,  fortunately, it was deleted,when I looked on the posts. 


I believe in the freedom of expression, but freedom doesn't mean you cross the line, it doesn't mean that you expose gross images to prove your views or even writing dirty things.. . Even freedom has lines not to cross. There are restreints in any field that should be respected. Our emotions, while writing, must be controlled and censored as well to represent a respectful content worth reading. 

Dear writer, writing is a fine art that elevates our minds and instincts, it has its rules and ethics . The first goal of writing on this platform is to disseminate information or express oneself in a respectful and purposeful manner. We do not want obscene images, as they are not expressive at all about any topic, even if the topic is related to cryptocurrency sex. There is no reason for you to display it, to attract the reader, because  there are many ways to pinpoint the issue, besides, most of those who posted such pictures did not get a high rate of reading or tipping, please keep in mind that nudity is never the key to entice the reader's attention. We want to read neat articles in a neat expression and with neat pictures. I hope that my point of view didn't offense anyone, for it's not directed to anyone specifically, I just wanted to clear my idea, at the end, everyone is free to show his writing manners. 


Thanks for taking time to read. 

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I am a graduate from university, love reading, writing and translation. I love books and everything related to knowledge.

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