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Religious Stupidity, Revisited Yet Again: Ethics and Morality, for the (Supposed) Love of God

Here are two easy ways to piss me off (not that I suggest you try them if you know what's good for you):

  • Claim that religion is the source of human ethics/morality.
  • Make stupid statements that "God is Love" or similar.

In both cases, you have ignored massive amounts of scripture to the contrary. I can cite passages from the Christian bible (both testaments) that clearly show that Yahweh/Yehowah is anything but love and that if you genuinely get your morality from the definitely-not good book (as I believe Andrew Tate does), you're a criminal most likely in jail. At the very least, if you're not incarcerated, I believe that you're lying about exactly what you believe and from where you get your morality, as well as other things (paradoxically one of the core tenets of Abrahamic religion).

Foot in Mouth and Head up Arsehole, What You Talkin' 'Bout?

I could go into great detail here (and write The Judeo-Christian Bible: The Bad, Evil and Ugly Parts or Christian Family Values), but I'm not going to. I'm quite sure that Daniel Barker, Christopher Hitchens, Isaac Assimov, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and others have thoroughly mined that rich ground already and I wouldn't be adding anything new or valuable. I'd rather take the Thomas Jefferson route and write The Judeo-Christian Bible: The Good and Funny Parts, since it'll be a far shorter book (assuming I can actually find enough material to make it more than a Powerpoint presentation or summarised philosophic pamphlet).

I'm probably wasting my time here, but I will commit this much to a post:

You don't need religion in order to be ethical or moral. In fact, I've found from personal experience that a lack of religion (particularly the Abrahamic kind) tends to make people more ethical and moral than the opposite. To give just one example of many, Judeo-Christian-Islamic scriptures state something to the following effect:

"All women should be subservient to men. A rapist may buy his victim for twelve shekels before marrying her."

I think that's from Deuteronomy, but I know for certain that those sentiments (and similar) occur throughout the aforementioned scriptures.

The Eleven Satanic rules of the Earth include such statements as "Do not [continue to] make sexual advances if not reciprocated" and "When in open territory or another's lair, bother no one". Clearly, people would do well to follow Satanism (which many do not consider a religion) instead ...

Last time I paged through scripture at length, it was pretty clear to me that Yahweh/Yehowah doesn't have a problem with lying (or many other acts that most would consider immoral/unethical today, such as incest, genocide and torturing and/or murdering just about anyone whom annoys the deity); he and his chosen people do all sorts of dubious and questionable things (such as telling massive whoppers) and get away with them (free from major or any consequence) for the most part. So yeah, go and make that "religion gives us morality" argument again, if you dare. If it does, it's a highly problematic morality. If you doubt that, I suggest you watch Andrew Tate's content and see what his detractors have to say.

As for "God is love" (or whatever other positive things the supreme imaginary sky wizard is supposed to be or embody), there are many passages that disavow such claims. A loving god is neither insecure nor jealous, is not capriciously malevolent, does not sacrifice his child (or those of his prophets) for the sake of appeasing his own vanity, does not torture and kill — in viciously barbaric and cruel ways — his enemies (nor those whom simply defy him), et cetera, et cetera. You can tell your children (and others you claim to love) that you love them as much as you want, but it rings hollow if your actions (abuse, favouritism, threats, torture and violence) don't match up and/or you fail to appropriately discipline them for their infractions.

Yeah, go and make that "god is love" statement again, if you dare. It's clear to me that he clearly fucking isn't/doesn't and hasn't for a long time (if he ever did, which I highly doubt). If Yahweh is anything, it's mostly insecurity and jealousy, with a large helping of incompetence, malevolence and negligence (to name the most glaring of his many undesirable/villainous flaws/traits).

Difficult to Dance 'Round This Way, 'Til You Pull it Out

"Abram fell flat on his face and laughed." — Genesis

Come on, you fuckers; let's dance, because I will quote your own scripture against you and to you (since you're not the only ones whom can do that) and most likely wipe the floor with you, since religious folks aren't much (if any) good at logic and reasoning. If they were, they'd realise that religion is a bunch of made up nonsense with massive flaws in it and so abandon it, anyway. Let's evolve (at least intellectually and spiritually) and move past it, yeah? That would be great.

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