Email Scams

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5 Things You Might Scroll Away From

3 Jul 2020 2 minute read 0 comments XTRM™

Not So Cold Turkey - Begin We all have our Internet crazy... Some of the things we do online are just plain bananas. Some of things we find online are to be scrolled into at lip licking pace - others we run to the proverbial hills from, and scroll he...

Blockchain-based Email Platforms Can Help Fight Covid-19 Related Scams

2 May 2020 3 minute read 1 comment Tkamunya

Covid-19 scare has been one of the greatest pandemics to face humanity in the 21st century. People from different parts of the world are trying hard to get updated on confirmed cases as well as potential outbreaks to keep themselves safe. Emailing is...

How to Activate Free & Anonymous Email Forwarding

4 Apr 2020 2 minute read 2 comments BlockchainAuthor

And Keep Your Data Off of Hackable, Sellable Databases in the Process In a beautiful example of open-source code’s technical prowess, we no longer have to enter an actual email address into web forms. After all, if tech giants like Google and FB succ...

Phishing Email Scam – Spotting Red Flags

11 Mar 2020 2 minute read 6 comments Abhijoy Sarkar

Emails continue to be the most popular form of business communication ever since their introduction more than 30 years ago. Email clients are free to use and the original protocol (SMTP) has few checks and balances to prevent malicious action such as...