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3 weeks ago Workin $0.21 (123.9037 HYDRO)

Bitcoin, backed by a spike in volume, pushed up and out of the wedge it was consolidating in. It’s now testing the top of key resistance. EOS has been able to hold above $4.30 for the third day. Price spiked close to major resistance at $4.50 where...

The BitBlockBoom #Bitcoin Conference Is Coming To Dallas, Texas!

3 weeks ago Gary Leland $0.01 (6.9914 HYDRO)

The BitBlockBoom Bitcoin Conference is setting up for a great 2nd year. The conference is scheduled for August the 17th & 18th in Dallas, Texas. This is a TRUE Bitcoin conference. This is not a blockchain conference or an ICO conference, but a Bitcoi...

The ARK Coin (ARK)

3 weeks ago fycee $0.04 (24.2017 HYDRO)

ARK Coin (ARK) is often mistaken by (ARC) Advanced Technology Coin. The Difference is in the ending letter which creates a similar sound. It is best to enunciate the three letter words "A - R - K" to avoid the confusion. This cryptocurrency is mostly...

Being "Steemlivertwists"- Did we all Kill the Price of Steem as Users?

3 weeks ago captainphilips $0.04 (21.9095 HYDRO)

_**Human wants and needs are insatiable, therefore we all have that burning tendency to always want more at all cost...**_   Steem Users, Steemians had the taste of a good and working platform when Steem was above a Dollar, sadly that was way over ye...

I am Home - by Darren Claxton

3 weeks ago Darren Claxton $0.02 (13.5786 HYDRO)'s my latest track which is a reworked version of the previous demo 'I am Home'   song has so many dynamics and power, that I was really struggling with my limited production and mastering skills, S...


3 weeks ago Workin $0.14 (88.2169 HYDRO)

Bitcoin has broken back above $4,000, currently trading around $4,020 on Coinbase. It also appears to be approaching the upper resistance line of a larger wedge. Shorts have been rapidly dropping while longs are slowly rising. Looking at EOS, we c...


3 weeks ago scottcbusiness $0.07 (43.1397 HYDRO)

I'm an entrepreneur and social media marketer with a big focus on growth hacking and innovating with digital marketing. I love to keep a positive and healthy lifestyle. I usually spend a great deal of my time keeping up with and getting ahead of soci...

Dlike — Get Paid To Share Links

3 weeks ago virtugrana $0.02 (14.4764 HYDRO)

A decentralized community driven platform which rewards its contributors and is run by its community.   What is Dlike? Dlike is a steem blockchain based dApp where everyone can share links just like Reddit and Pinterest. The main difference amon...

Join the Cryptocurrency REVOLUTION

3 weeks ago Amrit $0.06 (34.2463 HYDRO)

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The Bearish Trend Again

3 weeks ago fycee $0.01 (5.6894 HYDRO)

After giving us a few days of profitable ventures and making the most out of the 10% income from all of our SELL orders, it's time to BUY again now! The TOP 10 Cryptocurrencies from CMC is now giving us a sign of a bearish market because the plunge o...