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Blockchain is a term that is used to describe what is essentially a decentralized database. It is a type of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Other forms of decentralized systems exist, but blockchains remain the most popular, due to its association with Bitcoin and the origins of cryptocurrencies.

Blockchains consist of multiple blocks of data, that are linked together to form a chain. Its most valued properties are immutability and transparency. No new information can be verified that is in contradiction with previously verified data, and data cannot be changed without causing severe changes to the network. Transaction fees are also extremely low, which is an important factor in persuading incumbent financial institutions to adopt the technology for their own purposes. Blockchains can be either permissioned or permissionless, and different projects take different approaches on how their networks are governed.

Blockchain’s strengths have caused it to be quickly considered by many major companies, as well as smaller ones seeking to leverage the advantage for their own growth. However, given the relative newness of the technology, several technical limitations must still be overcome before the technology can reach a global scale. Chief among these is scalability, which determines the number of processes that can be transacted simultaneously or at least without significant delay. 

User-friendliness is another important issue to be tackled. To achieve mass adoption, experts in the field believe that the technology must be manifested in an accessible form, and this is another issue that several projects are tackling, which includes the development of the much vaunted decentralized apps (DAPPs).

In this tag, read blockchain news, price predictions, opinions and analyses created by users.

Is STEEM A Good Investment? In-depth Analysis and Near to Longer-Term Expectations

11 hours ago 7 minute read CryptoBoomer $6.58 tipped

While there are a lot of different blockchain startups that promise to solve different things, but unfortunately, there does not seem to be many projects that try to solve the social media issues.  Yes, I’m talking about the problem with censorship....


12 hours ago 1 minute read kripto sedat $0.09 tipped

  NEW CONTRACTS FOR THE HYDRO PROJECT HAVE BEEN REVEALED.HERE ARE THE NEW NAMES   Hydro developer Hydrodgen has partnered with Mastercard on their Start Path Program to accelerate global fintech usage within the Mastercard ecosystem! This follows on...

The Intrinsic Value Of Steem

14 hours ago 5 minute read TaskMaster $0.25 tipped

I have to laugh when the likes of Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon state that Bitcoin is worthless because it has no intrinsic value. This is completely untrue and shows a total lack of understanding (or caring) about what is taking place. Cryptocurren...

WAX Prospectors hit 13.000 daily users!

14 hours ago 1 minute read cryptomaniacsgr $0.06 tipped

Good evening people!! I'm very sure that you have heard about Prospectors and the new land "Yukon" that recently launched on WAX, it's only few days online and already the game has skyrocketed! Today the game hit 12.999 unique account visits and is...

FirstBlood launches ‘Dawn’ blockchain platform for larger scale esports betting

15 hours ago 2 minute read Kyt Dotson $2.61 tipped

FirstBlood, a gaming platform that allows amateur esports players to earn rewards for playing well-known video games, today announced the upcoming launch of its new blockchain technology named Dawn. Built on the Cosmos Network, Dawn will allow FirstB...

Hacking Crypto

15 hours ago 7 minute read localtoledoan $0.10 tipped

 I have been a computer programmer for the past 40 years. I am skilled in many programming languages and have dabbled a little in a few. During this time I have seen a lot of different kinds of software, coding styles, and of course hacks/cracks. The...

From the Lithuania Central Bank a new endorsement in favor of cryptocurrencies

16 hours ago 1 minute read Roberto D. $0.15 tipped

If there is a country that recently is giving satisfaction to the community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts this is Lithuania, a small country but with a great innovative drive; in a recent analysis, released just yesterday, the Lithuanian central bank...

What are the Different Types of Crypto Wallets?

17 hours ago 3 minute read pheonixdown-dee $0.48 tipped

Learn about storage solutions for cryptocurrency and explore the different types of crypto wallets: hot, cold, software, and hardware. Read on to understand how crypto wallets help secure digital assets online and offline.   What is a Crypto Wallet?...

SEBA,the Cryptocurrency Bank will Expand Services To Singapore,Hong Kong and 7 more Markets.

18 hours ago 1 minute read alberdioni8406 $0.07 tipped

  SEBA is a Cryptocurrency Bank that was set up firstly in 2018 with Banking license from Swiss  Regulators authorities,will expand their services to Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Italy,Germany,France,Austria,Portugal and Netherlands. The Cr...


20 hours ago 4 minute read Sodaf $0.01 tipped

PRESENTATION Blockchain industry growth has been very consistent in recent years. Ten years ago, Bitcoin was invented through blockchain technology by an uncrowned person named Satoshi Nakamoto with a vision to decentralize the global monetary syste...