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Blockchain is a term that is used to describe what is essentially a decentralized database. It is a type of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Other forms of decentralized systems exist, but blockchains remain the most popular, due to its association with Bitcoin and the origins of cryptocurrencies.

Blockchains consist of multiple blocks of data, that are linked together to form a chain. Its most valued properties are immutability and transparency. No new information can be verified that is in contradiction with previously verified data, and data cannot be changed without causing severe changes to the network. Transaction fees are also extremely low, which is an important factor in persuading incumbent financial institutions to adopt the technology for their own purposes. Blockchains can be either permissioned or permissionless, and different projects take different approaches on how their networks are governed.

Blockchain’s strengths have caused it to be quickly considered by many major companies, as well as smaller ones seeking to leverage the advantage for their own growth. However, given the relative newness of the technology, several technical limitations must still be overcome before the technology can reach a global scale. Chief among these is scalability, which determines the number of processes that can be transacted simultaneously or at least without significant delay. 

User-friendliness is another important issue to be tackled. To achieve mass adoption, experts in the field believe that the technology must be manifested in an accessible form, and this is another issue that several projects are tackling, which includes the development of the much vaunted decentralized apps (DAPPs).

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Brave Browser Review

20 Jul 2021 4 minute read 0 comments sentientplaid

I had used Google Chrome for the longest time in my life mostly because it's what people around me used and I had used Google Drive for all of my work and education, so it seemed like the logical browser to use. However, I finally decided to switch a...

Tokenized Securities

20 Jul 2021 5 minute read 0 comments konjo

Tokenized Securities         Is it possible to buy and sell a work of art without moving it? Can we own pieces of property and collectibles that cannot be divided, and which lie in distant parts of the world?      Tokenized securities are digital r...

MAGMA TOKEN - Just a usual update.

20 Jul 2021 1 minute read 2 comments TokenOnFire

Good Evening People, I just finished work and jumped here to write an article. I realize that it has been a few days I haven't posted anything. As a software developer and with the shift I work, it is very hard to find time to write articles and focu...

The interesting bet on Polymarket on weather Cardano will get smart contracts by October 1st

20 Jul 2021 3 minute read 1 comment Greenchic

Image Source  Crypto Community looks disinclined to take Cardano Blockchain seriously Looks like the crypto community is bored of the Cardano Blockchain that is still in the process of launching it’s smart contract feature, that according to Cardano...

Advancements in Quantum Computing keep coming

20 Jul 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Keith Thuerk

Advancements in Quantum Computing keep coming Compilation of odds & sods in the Quantum realm The first 100-qubit computer has been built Its secret they changed the game by using lasers to cool it down to nearly absolute zero. Recall IBM's largest a...

20 Jul: Blue Whales Alert!

20 Jul 2021 1 minute read 0 comments TheCryptoCurator

"The secret of success is constancy of purpose."-Benjamin Disraeli Big news of the day is Mega Whale wallets dormant since 2018 abruptly add $841,000,000 in BTC over the weekend. Watch the Video of the Day as Austin reviews the latest Glassnode repor...

Crypto-Prohibitions to another level

20 Jul 2021 1 minute read 0 comments RFereru

The 2022 Winter Games will be held in Beijing, China. Well, three United States Senators have asked that American athletes be prohibited from using the digital yuan during their stay in China. Three United States senators signed a letter urging Olym...

Fully accumulation mode

20 Jul 2021 1 minute read 1 comment toofasteddie

Believe it or not but, despite how painful it is, the accumulation of BITCOIN is increasing very encouragingly. Of course, it is the whales and large institutions that are taking most of the BTC that other retailers are selling en masse at losses.The...

SafeMars & SafeEarth Sponsor DJ Sensations W&W Online on July 24 for Rave Culture Live 002

20 Jul 2021 2 minute read 0 comments JP Buntinx

Press Release:  SafeMars & SafeEarth Sponsor Rave Culture Live 002 with W&W + Guest – For FREE on Jul 24 20th July 2021, London, England – SafeMars and SafeEarth are two innovative crypto platforms that offer new financial freedom for the public and...

Auditchain To Use NFTs for Accounting and Disclosure Controls

20 Jul 2021 3 minute read 0 comments JP Buntinx

Press Release: The launch of the world’s first decentralized accounting, audit, financial reporting virtual machine will feature non-fungible tokens for Proof of Assurance of disclosure controls and to allocate royalties between creators and validato...