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Bitcoin Buy Signal: Key Indicator Bullish - Tron Impostor - $300k ETH tip! - Another Satoshi? - XRP

2 days ago CryptoBitcoinChris $1.09 (320.5135 BNTY)

XRP listed on FOREXBitcoin 'B' on google's keyboardBitcoin Buy Signal: Key Indicator BullishR3 bringing XRP to 50 BanksETH volume: Highest in a year$300k ETH tipLast thing you want to hear from your altcoinsTron Impostor●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●For...

Cryptocurrency correction around the corner

3 days ago shadowofsatoshi $0.37 (108.6742 BNTY)

We have seen many green in last few days. Some cryptocurrencies like EOS, Litecoin, Aurora, Onthology jumped in price up to 30% and more! Bitcoin itself moved the price almost up to 10%! So what? Is it a bull run already? Or an alt season? No way, it...

US Debt Hits 22 Trillion Dollars And That is Why Bitcoin Matters

3 days ago Gary Leland $0.01 (4.2369 BNTY)

Today is a record moment in US history. The total national debt of the United States has surpassed 22 trillion Dollars for the first time ever. Take a look at the bitcoin Conference I am hosting in Dallas, Texas at ########...

Founder on Axonomy 2.0: exploring distributed business model

3 days ago CryptoFallen $0.23 (66.9123 BNTY)

“I first came across Bitcoin in the second half of 2013. Three years later, I decided to become fully devoted in blockchain. I witnessed the rapid development of the industry, and observed the market progression over the past five years. The sev...

PROOF: New Money Coming In! - OTC Volume up 400%! - NASDAQ pushing Crypto Adoption - BTC to $5k

3 days ago CryptoBitcoinChris $1.04 (305.4117 BNTY)

  Just to clarify - The money from this pump didn't come from stablecoins (money already in the market) entirely. We saw a lot of people sitting with money on the sidelines starting to enter crypto. Very Bullish Sign. Proof that new money is coming...

Neon Enxchange (NEX) Rebranding Giveaway Program

3 days ago CryptoFallen $0.03 (9.2376 BNTY)

Previously known as NEX exchange has rebranded to Nash and are doing a giveaway only accessible by referral program!  Definitely worth a look to get some free Crypto :)

Crypto Miner Predicts That Bitcoin Could Reach $740K

4 days ago Gary Leland $0.02 (6.6969 BNTY)

Zhu Fa, the co founder of Poolin, which is a Chinese based crypto mining pool, predicted that the price of Bitcoin could hit 5 million Chinese yuan which equals $738,000. Take a look at the bitcoin Conference I am hosting in Dallas, Texas at https:/...

LRC is Live on Wanchain: A Step Across Chains

4 days ago Loopring $4.23 (1,239.2004 BNTY)

Loopring is the second project to have their ERC20 token, LRC, be integrated into Wanchain. Wanchain 3.0 is currently capable of supporting cross-chain functionality for Ethereum and Bitcoin. As a blockchain agnostic exchange protocol, Loopring has a...

2 Country's Use BTC! - CoinSquare Bought StellarX!- Binance: Next 10x Crypto- SpendApp adds XRP

4 days ago CryptoBitcoinChris $0.92 (270.4580 BNTY)

Crypto Milestone ReachedBitcoin works 24/7/365Coinsquare buys StellarXSpendApp adds XRP Last time people can afford to buy a BitcoinNext 10x on BinanceBitcoin Cross Border Payments●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●For Business Inquiries: cryptorevolutionchan...

Bsai Trading Simulator

5 days ago Mchapeyama $0.03 (10.1128 BNTY)

There are many people who are earning from the internet. One of the ways many people want to earn is through trading in cryptocurrencies. Trading simply means buying and selling some cryptocurrencies, listed on the exchange. Many people have lost a l...