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Bitcoin (BTC) is a pioneering digital currency invented by a yet-unknown individual or group of individuals presented as Satoshi Nakamoto. Early development began in 2008, during the financial crisis of 2008, with the landmark paper titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” being released on October 31, 2008. The primary purpose of Bitcoin is in the space of P2P financial transactions, though some supporters envision it more as a store of value.

Often called “Digital Gold” for its monetary properties which are similar to gold, the enduring popularity and market resilience of Bitcoin has encouraged the growth of other cryptocurrencies, and as a result it has come to be known as the “mother” or “father” of all cryptocurrencies. Initially limited to all but the most ardent technology enthusiasts, Bitcoin was responsible for convincing the masses that a P2P financial system devoid of middlemen and centralized was in fact possible, a characteristic made possible through its Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm which incentivized good behavior.

Since its inception in early 2009, Bitcoin has been through a number of changes and incidents, yet continues to thrive as the most popular token in the cryptocurrency market. This includes the famous Mt. Gox incident and several such cycles of price spikes and drops. The enduring nature of Bitcoin is a quality that is highly cherished by its proponents. Many tokens have been inspired by it, including similarly envisioned token Litecoin (LTC), which is often said to be the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. Because of the popularity and established nature of Bitcoin, it is often the base pair with which other cryptocurrencies are traded.

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Gamestarter x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from 29th of July

2 Aug 2021 16 minute read 0 comments Satoshi Club

Welcome to another episode of our AMA series. Today we are glad to tell you about the AMA session with our friends from Gamestarter, an NFT-based crowdfunding platform & marketplace that adds liquidity, player-ownership, and new funding resourc...

Pearzap x Satoshi CLUB AMA Session 30 Jule 2021

2 Aug 2021 20 minute read 0 comments Satoshi Club

PART 1. Introduction of Pearzap project and community questions. Hello, Satoshi clubbers and guests of this site. Let’s talk today about project on the Polygon chain. PearZap is a High yields farms & pools on Polygon chain focused on security....

Some Of The Best Places To Earn LTC

2 Aug 2021 3 minute read 2 comments Sapphire

Why Accumulate LTCThere are a number of aspects that still make Litecoin an attractive option, despite the coin having quite a number of haters. Many haters have chosen to base their opinion on what they consider a lack of development and innovation....

Safemoon Crypto / New 2021 Cryptocurrency explained.

2 Aug 2021 3 minute read 0 comments connor19977

      What is Safemoon Cryptocurrency ? To start off... Safemoon CryptoCurrency / Token is a fresh coin from March of 2021. It is an inflationary coin as the Dev's burned all of their own tokens upon launch of the Crypto and as of July 2021 there ha...

Introducing Children To Bitcoin Through 5 Senses

2 Aug 2021 2 minute read 0 comments diaperfinancingfund

Even PayPal has accepted cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. This surely means that the onslaught of cryptocurrency is underway and that crypto will grow increasingly mainstream in the foreseeable future. This is one reason why I want to devote part...

Nugget's News in the news - for all the wrong reasons

2 Aug 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Dennis76

One of the bigger crypto news channels, Nugget's News is in the news....for all the wrong reasons. Nugget's News, run by Alex Saunders is based in Tasmania, Australia. He has had a large following on Youtube since 2017 where he provides a regular, pr...

Join the AMA of Satoshi Club x BaconDao. Rewards: 500 USDT, August 10th.

2 Aug 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Satoshi Club

We are pleased to announce our next AMA on July 10th, 2021 at 05:00 PM UTC Time: Satoshi Club x BaconDao ⚠️Total Reward pool:  $500 Requirements: 👉 Follow Satoshi Club Twitter 👉 Join Satoshi Club Telegram group👉 Join BaconDao Telegram group   We will...

Binamon's Z1 planet: joining blockchain technology with ecology awareness.

2 Aug 2021 1 minute read 0 comments JP Buntinx

Few weeks before launching their new Play to Earn game, Binamon's metaverse has joined blockchain and games with the awareness of taking care of the planet. Through their new planet Z1, millions of players will enjoy a play to earn game to mint Z1 mi...

Join the AMA of Satoshi Club x Brokoli. Rewards: 500 USDT, August 6th.

2 Aug 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Satoshi Club

We are pleased to announce our next AMA on August 6th, 2021 at 03:00 PM UTC Time: Satoshi Club x Brokoli ⚠️Total Reward pool:  $500 Requirements: 👉 Follow Satoshi Club Twitter 👉 Join Satoshi Club Telegram group👉 Join Brokoli Telegram group   We will...

My Crypto Earnings (July)

2 Aug 2021 6 minute read 18 comments johnwege

Another month has come and gone and that means my favorite time has come again.  If your new, this is the time that I calculate my monthly earnings in crypto.  This is an on-going series of mine where I track my performance each month.  I do this not...