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Ban/Censor/DMCA this, You Gigantic Shitgibbon of a Man; I Fucking Dare You!

17 Feb 2023 11 minute read 0 comments Rorschach's Journal

We see you for who you are and have your number, John Baku (and we know your real name, too, also something about which you can do diddly squat). You're a fragile, beshitted little fucksquib of a man, incapable of absorbing a single idea from outside...

Trauma and Dissociative Disorders at the Hands of Cult Leaders

4 Oct 2022 2 minute read 0 comments Rorschach's Journal

TW: Rape and abuse of minors The fact that so many kids these days develop dissociative disorders hints at a cultural disease in America. Plenty of families and religious groups are so reluctant to believe anything bad about familial abusers and/or...

Sin Eater Logs (EY 2020) Subject 3: Kilroy

29 Nov 2020 5 minute read 0 comments Average Jo

*Disclaimer: As a neo-Sin Eater, my job is to release back to Source the "sins" being perpetrated against another. The energy I channel is not only for the target and the Sin Eater, it has been redesigned to reach the Accuser/Instigator/Perpetrator...

Only in Romania - How Our Fundamental Freedoms Are Being Violated, and The Pandemic is Being Transformed Into a State's Business against its Citizens

21 Apr 2020 3 minute read 6 comments acesontop

It's probably that you feel like having enough with the Coronavirus topics, and the related pandemic, but I am putting some puzzle pieces together for this whole awful episode that we're currently living and they seem to come out of nowhere. What I w...

The nefarious actions of bible spam on the blockchain

13 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Solominer

You may have noticed comments recently related to the bible. Ive been getting these for a few months now. I just ignored them at first, but since my downvote meter is fully charged I explored these accounts a little more and was able to find upvotes...

Imani: Book Review

4 Apr 2020 2 minute read 0 comments troynamps

Title: Imani Author: Liliane Mukidi ISBN: 978-0-9947229-2-8 Release Date: 10 November, 2018 Imani is a book written to speak louder than our imaginary voices. It brings a better appreciation of the fact that literature is the mirror through which so...

Downvoting to make Steem rise

13 Feb 2020 4 minute read 0 comments Solominer

With Hard fork 21, downvoting has its own bandwidth now. I hate to see my VP sit at 100% but I was lucky to find a group of Steem users working together, minnows, dolphins, orcas and a few whales using their collective voting power to stop spam and...

The Ronin of Chikusa Junior High School

26 Feb 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Steve B Howard

Black mood circus strangely absent. No Cherub faced glue sniffer wears his dark Prussian school uniform or dances down blood flecked hallways. Did a rival’s blade find your throat? Artificially compliant, you drift in with the late morning sunshine. ...

¿Abusive crypto-tax In Chile?

4 Feb 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Cryptoray

  ¿We are facing a case of abusive crypto-tax  in Chile? Last year the country's government called the cryptocurrencies and tokens of intangible assets and exempt from VAT. While a sharp turn proceeds to apply tax payments to tax operating. The Chile...