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Now That Kucoin Has SOLD OUT To The Elites, Who Can We Trust...

By CodyMac50 | MyCripticLife | 8 Jul 2023

About a year ago I made an account with Kucoin when they were offering the free Dogecoin.

After that, I only signed in a few times to check on my 1.77 Dogecoins, as well as seeing about trading Ethereum for Bitcoin, but never really had enough ETH to trade.

Now that I have ample AMPL...(lol) ETH, and now SPOT, I was thinking about trading all directly for ETH, then sending the ETH to FaucetPay, trading it for a tiny fee to Bitcoin.

Seeing that the fee for withdrawing BTC is seriously high, the smaller fee on FaucetPay is the best choice.

But this will not be a reality now after the news Kucoin decided to join the ranks of the KYC fold.

To me this is a fear response, and one they decided on without thinking about their user base.

There is an example in life that I see...

There was a man who followed his master everywhere, and saw everything his master did, and one day, some people disliked what the master was doing, and asked the man to betray his master.

So when the opportunity was right, he betrayed his master for a few dollars. And his master was abused and when the man saw what his betrayal caused, he decided he couldn't live with what he did, and did the unthinkable...

Now, we all know that these figures of history are Judas Iscariot, the betrayer, the master is Yashua the messiah, and the Jews who hater what he was teaching.

We are the master, Kucoin is Judas, and the elites are those who asked Judas to betray his master.

Since we all know what happened to Judas in the end, we know as well what those who betray their masters will do. Commit financial suicide.

I say, everyone walk away from the traitor, and allow them to cause their own ruin. They don't need us, and we don't need them. 

Just remember, these institutions exist because there is a need for them, but when we see they want to abuse us and go the way of a traitor and betrayer, it's time to walk away...

Thanks for reading and if you want to comment your thoughts below, do so... 👇🏻


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