Harmony (ONE) Protocol

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Harmony (ONE) is an open source blockchain project that was established in 2018 by Stephen Tse, Nick White, Minh DoanRongjian Lan and Alok Kothari. The project is building an open infrastructure and protocol for the future of decentralized economies. Harmony’s focus on improving the technical performance of blockchains covers scalability, consensus algorithms, systems and networking.

Describing itself as an open source infrastructure for 10 billion people, Harmony intends to provide decentralized economies for everyone, by way of providing the technical architecture required for the blockchain to scale globally, thus providing its services to as many people as possible.

The protocol layer is at the heart of the innovation in the Harmony project, with the team implementing the sharding solution to increase the number of nodes on the network, making it more efficient and secure. The network and kernel layers also focus on more efficient message delivery and performance of a single node respectively.

In April 2018, Harmony raised $18 million from various investors, including Lemniscap VC, BCA Fund, UniValues Associates, and Consensus Capital, and has gained some momentum as a possible , 

The team has already accomplished much in 2019, having completed smart contracts, developer  programs and the launch of its mainnet, the latter being its most significant milestone of 2019.  The team has intentions to release an AI-based DApp marketplace, decentralized exchanges and games in the near future. 

The remainder of 2019 will see the team work on production services for partners and porting zero-knowledge proofs for decentralized applications (DApps), games and confidential assets, among other things.

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NerveNetwork partners with Harmony to provide cross chain support for projects on Harmony NerveNetwork is partnering with Harmony to provide cross-chain support for the projects on the Harmony chain to interact with other blockchains. The Nerve team...

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