De-Fi Strategies v2: "STAKE HARMONY ONE WITH 152% APR"

By Le Dex | Le Dex | 14 Mar 2022

Hello guys, my name is Le Dex and I try to make a sequence of the the best DeFi Strategies that I use into crypto space ! Of course, this is not a financial advice and you should do your own research before you invest in anything. Remember DYOR (Do Your Own Research).


This is the 2nd episode of De-Fi Strategies and today I'm gonna inform you about my Harmony ONE strategy. Harmony is not a blue chip, but I guess it is a medium risk asset which covers 5-10% of my portfolio. So, let's take a look to

You can check Defira in this medium article join them to twitter and discord and of course DYOR ! It is a combination of decentralized exchange with yield optimizer, lending protocol, liquid staking and many other ideas of Decentralized Finance ! But the best part ( in my opinion ) is that it is a game too .Defira - In gameDefira gives us the opportunity to play the game or deal only with the Dex . There are many potential to this, because we are in a pre-game phase and you can still catch early if you want (not even the heroes have appeared yet! ). The teams behind this is #Tranquil Finance and #Mimas Finance.


Anyway, this was a little summary about Defira for those who want to investigate more than the farm $ONE . Let's move to the farm thing. First of all, you should have a Metamask account with Harmony network . If you don't know how to import Harmony network into Metamask you can leave a comment down below or you can type me in twitter. I will soon make a thread about how to add all networks to Metamask


Second step, move to or inside game and connect your wallet. You will see in the left corner some tabs, use the Farm tab:Farm

Here, you can see all the farm potentials, the one I'm talking about is $stONE-$WONE 152% pool cuz I don't want to take the risk of impermanent loss with my $ONE... $stONE is pegged with $ONE price:[$stONE is pegged to $ONE price] .

So, after you get into farm you have to click on the pool you want and then click on  "Add Liquidity" :Add liquidityadding 50% liquidity of $stONE and 50% of $WONE so keep sure you first buy $stONE. Then, you move back to the Farm tab choose $stONE-$WONE pool and you will see the available liquidity that you added, so click Deposit . Confirm the transaction to Metamask and that's it! You now started farming in the pool. 



  • Defira has an amazing team behind: Tranquil Finance . So, something that I like much is that a part of the rewards is given as $TRANQ which can be locked in which pays rewards as $1WBTC , $1ETH , $ONE , $stONE , $1USDC , $1USDT . So you can compound your rewards of $TRANQ and earn other precious assets which is amazing. 
  • Also, another part of rewards is paid as $sFIRA . Defira's team made a good decision in my opinion . They reward users with $sFIRA which is locked $FIRA. Because it is locked you cannot sell it until you unseal it into the game. Till now, they give us the opportunity to unseal our $sFIRA through the TEMPLETEMPLE in the ENCHANTRESSEnchantress by clicking " Unseal " Unseal - Flexible staking . Now, the period of unseal is 365 days but when the game begins we will be able to unseal through other in-game ways . In addition to this, we are able to stake our $sFIRA into flexible staking for more $sFIRA rewards. But I guess, you have to choose between unsealing and staking for more . ( INFO: The Defira's team of devs was payed in $sFIRA that will be locked for 2 years ! )
  • Last, you can farm to pools like $FIRA-$TRANQ LP or $FIRA-$ONE LP and except the above rewards you will be paid unlocked $FIRA too. 


  • Extremely low fees. For every transaction that we talked about you will need like 0.01 $ONE which means you can easy autocompound the rewards
  • With locking $TRANQ you have the option of obtaining rewards in other assets like $1WBTC !!!
  • The TVL ( Total value locked ) is $4.668.252 in the pool $stONE - $WONE which is respectful for a AMM pool.
  •  High yield farming . If you own $ONE , why let them sit in your wallet or the exchange ? Make them work for you and remember 152% ( Which can go more/less ) is not a bad idea!
  • No risk of impermanent loss . $stONE is pegged with $WONE  
  • They made audits to check the security of the smart contracts!



  • Despite the audits, there is always a risk of the smart contract to be hacked like many DeFi.
  • Defira is a new project and nobody know how the things can really go. 
  • A small risk of $stONE losing its peg to $WONE.

This is my own strategy to stake my $ONE . Remember to do your own research before you invest in De-Fi. Do not listen to anyone, not me too without researching.

If you have any questions about the strategy feel free to send me a message in (@LeandrosDim ) or leave a comment below and I will do my best to help you. 

You can check my previous episode about staking $ETH.


If you want to support me and direct donate me, here are some addresses: 

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