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By Panda87 | Inside My Head | 18 Mar 2022

Hello everyone,

so this is my very first time posting a honest opinion for the internet viewers to read. So I apologize for it possibly being bad, yet thank you for taking time to read. 

Another note about myself! I know some what of Crypto, just I’m not a Guru so if I say something that’s not true to how it works. Just remember this is how my brain is processing it. 

Alright so let’s get into what I’m really wanting to talk with you guys about. The is this Dapp or platform that calls themselves Crypto Royale. When I first got involved with them, it was known as Nano Royale. Where it was a fun and interactive little faucet for some Nano. Now they have become a faucet for themselves, yet is helping represent the Harmony network. They have a token of their own called ROY. Which is what you can win in these fun battles. There you can use it to convert to ONE not a lot. Just enough for gas fees. Yet you don’t need a lot since when you take the actual ROY to the suggested exchange. You end up getting more than what they would give you. Oh but also you can earn interest and multiply your holdings by a lot! 

I found this out due to the fact that when they switched from giving out Nano to ROY. I couldn’t really figure out how to get the network and token address lol So I let it basically sit and I would go and play the game every now and than with no concern about how much ROY I had. Well let me tell you this!!!


The day I finally thought about actually focusing and getting this to all work. It was truly worth it. I ended up finally connecting my wallet and withdrew about 3,000-4,000 ROY. After exchanging it for ONE. It turns out I made roughly around $50-$60 :)


These guys are doing good for the community! Definitely check them out…well that’s all I have to say about this and my experience. Just don’t make the same mistake that I did and withdraw all of your ROY. It’s hard trying to make that much again!!! Lol 


Thank you guys for reading and have fun, stay safe, and good luck! 

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