Banano coin a universe full of potassium

By MrBullishSail | TA crypto market | 3 Aug 2019


I am happy to make this post talking about one of the funniest communities in the world of cryptos, Banano is rich in potassium, who does not like bananas, I hope you digest one while reading this publication: D, well friends, if I told you that BANANO is real and has a huge community of adorable monkeys that feed on bananos, would you believe it, haha!, there is and has different means where you can participate and get your endowment of bananos for your contributions.



Their community in discord has impressed me, is enormous community with very active members who participate in different ways to the constant development of the project, instead they are rewarded in their wallets with banano coins, such wallets can be created within the same discord server or through different applications that have created for the creation of a personal wallet:


1.- Kalium wallet is the official application of BANANO, is my favorite for how practical and elegant it is, if you use more your mobile for your daily actions, this option to create your wallet, sure suits you.

You can download it here:


2.-In my case I use more the web application where I have created my portfolio, most of the time I spend on my computer so it is more comfortable to copy & paste the addresses of deposits and withdrawals, the creation of your portfolio is very simple and its use is also very practical and easy to use.

You can create your wallet here:



Something fun you can do with your wallet address is to claim your monkey image that will represent you in this universe full of bananos, the community has created an application that will generate your avatar randomly, there are different accessories so the combinations are infinite, you'll be lucky and you'll get a monkey with a sailor's hat? D, I don't know after creating your wallet here:



Analyzing the weekly chart through coingecko we can see how the price is close to recovering the support located at 0.00140918, if you get it we will see a possible change of trend, we see that this momentum has been generated after the breaking of the diagonal fall indicated in the chart in red, the price has performed a test throwback on the diagonal so it has picked up bullish momentum again, the larger figure could create a cup & handle setup which should take the price to the bid zone located at 0.00164563 and above if the pattern is confirmed.


Seen from the time of 1M we can see how the price is beginning to form an LH above the support after its recovery and correct testing, if the price manages to create an HH above the resistance located at 0.00144079, surely the price will see it rising much more, the current structure we see in the chart marked by a red square looks quite well, the volume has increased considerably, the volume is very important to take into account when analyzing a chart because this shows us the depth of the market and the interest that traders have for the currency.


In coingecko we can also see that has an excellent market capitalization valued at $1,118,780, its current supply is 800,000,000, very good numbers to take into account when looking for the potential of a project in economic terms, I see BANANO going far thanks to the great effort of all the team and entire community that make up creating valuable contributions around the network, I'm delighted to do this review for this great project that deserves it, I hope you liked my mix of humor and technical analysis in this reading, I have sought to live up to the fun that is BANANO, if you already have account in Banano I would appreciate any donation you want to make to this monkey that has entertained you with this reading:


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