Symbiosis Finance partnership with ELLIPAL

Symbiosis Finance has both hot and cold wallets to connect while you do swaps, but today we want to highlight one of them in particular - Ellipal wallet.

This wallet combines both hot and cold wallet in a smart way - as a mobile hot wallet you can check all of the real time market trends. Also you can buy and exchange your assets on the mobile app using Symbiosis DApp - Ellipal supports 41 coins and more than 10,000 tokens. Moreover, it accepts Visa/Mastercard card and Apple pay, to use this feature you just need to complete a simple identity verification.

They see their number one priority to be safety and they surely show it in action.

And to ensure safety of your assets you are able to store them in the cold wallet - a completely isolated hardware wallet -  that makes it impossible to hack and it has anti-disassembly and anti-tamper design. All of the transactions are made through QR codes via a camera on the rear end of the device which makes it impossible to hack.

They’ve created an universal OCCW (Open Cross Chain Wallet) protocol that allows wallets to support a multi-chain account ecosystem and be multi- cryptocurrency ready, which makes it very handy for storing all of the assets in one place. 

Overall, Ellipal is a user-friendly hardware wallet with no "outer world" connection allowing you to keep your digital assets safe. 

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