Your Help is needed for a Swissborg Community challenge

Your Help is needed for a Swissborg Community challenge

By OvermindSB | SwissBorg | 18 Jun 2020

Accomplishing the referral challenge - 20 verified sign ups

If we look to all upcoming new coins, we quickly recognise that all the developers have a referral rewarding program. How else could you get even more people to a website than by a friend and a friend of a friend. What’s working well for the companies isn’t  working well for you. The fact is that such a referral program is rewarding such effort e.g. write a blog with high quality content is far too less compared to the spent time. For example if you would sign up here and use my code OA62FUI your spent effort would be 5 mins while it costs me  0.5-1 h to write this post (writing from my mobile). If you had sign up it was your turn, if you also like to get the 1,750 CHSB to accomplish all tasks. To make it short, it is a kind of a Ponzi scheme and we all know that many companies in the cryptocurrency world are using it. All referral rewarding programs are designed that way. The fact that this marketing scheme is very successful and money saving I don’t need to tell. Spending your precious time for such a huge effort seems to make no sense. It is definitely ridiculous. The only thing that motivates you to proceed is the hope that your efforts will be rewarded in the end.

What can I do to convince you to sign up?

Well, I just can tell that this project is promising because Swissborg is using  machine learning AI to make prediction on the price of a cryptocurrency for the next 24 h and they have a 99.8 % accuracy. 

Taking together the Swissborg technology and the hope that my and your effort is rewarded in the long term is my motivation to keep it running. To make your 5 min effort even more valuable I will give every sign up +10 CHSB token till I got 21 referrals. This would cost me 210 CHSB and I am happy to share it with you! join my telegram channel after sign up
and apply this code OA62FUI. Thank you!!

Thank you for your time and effort!
Please do not hesitate to leave a comment, however critic, compliments, advices I am happy to hear from you! 

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