Update: SwissBorg Tombola current Rank 7'460!!! Thank you! Sign up and get 5 € in BTC for free

Update: SwissBorg Tombola current Rank 7'460!!! Thank you! Sign up and get 5 € in BTC for free

By Overmind | SwissBorg | 30 Jun 2020

Hi all, thank you all for participating my personal SwissBorg Tombola game. You´ve pushed me about 2000 ranks up! Thank you so much!

Some of you have signed up and used my referral code but did not join my telegram group. Therefore, I highly recommend to do so in order to win a share of the price.




By participating my personal tombola, 10 participants will be randomly drawn by a random name picker. If i`ll win the first place the current maximum share would be $765.83 for each of the 10 winners. So far i have received anonymous sign ups, which i am really grateful about it, but sharing is more fun to me.

REMEMBER: The more people Join me, the more you can win


I am just playing "save" so far which is giving me, if i was right with my forecast, 200 points approximately every 2nd day. I login every day, gives me 200 points each day + 800 points on the 7th day. 

With your help, using my referral code you and me get 3`000 points. I am aiming for more than 1'000 referrals in order to get 3'000'000 points. I think this should be sufficient as i know a 1'000 rank player has about 120'000 points. 


TIP: After sign up bet 1,000 points to get 50 CHSB tokens which you can redeem later in the wealth app.


GET 5 € in BTC for your sign up!

In order to accelerate the sign up process i decided to spend 5 € in BTC for the next 20 new sign ups.

This is how it works:

  • It takes less than 5 min
  • Download the SwissBorg Community App and sign up 
  • Use my referral code OA62FUI
  • Join my telegram group 
  • post your screenshots of you sign up credentials (my referral code, your user name)
  • send your BTC address to me telegram (@Pthioskamp), BTCs will be transferred immediately


Please share this event with others in order to increase your price!

Thank you for reading and participating!


We are more... We take care... We will win...We are the Swissborg Swarm! JOIN--> https://discord.gg/hnGq8F9 Crypto enthusiats, Airdrop hunter, Analyst, P2P lending, working on becoming an investor. PhD in chemistry, IT validation specialist



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