3 Reasons to Swap Your Crypto for Verge ($XVG)

3 Reasons to Swap Your Crypto for Verge ($XVG)

By Swapzone | Swapzone Blog | 22 Sep 2022

Being one of the notable cryptocurrencies in the market, the Verge (XVG) crypto has been around for a long time and it’s still growing. XVG is one of the most trusted altcoins and it has a loyal community that supports it. Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should invest your money in this crypto.

3 Reasons to Swap Your Crypto for Verge

Use Cases

The primary goal of the Verge (XVG) coin is to provide the digital world with a means of payment that has a good use case for both day-to-day use and investment terms. As the Verge website states, the project is headed to create “a fast, efficient and decentralized way of making direct transactions”.

The XVG cryptocurrency has been designed to encourage people to take advantage of the benefits of digital currencies and engage them in the world of blockchain transactions conveniently and quickly. To do this the verge team implemented the following tools:

  • Atomic Swaps: These allow cross-chain exchanges between different cryptocurrencies and enable you to exchange your Verge coins for many other cryptocurrencies without going through an intermediary such as Binance or Coinbase. At present, it is possible to complete these transfers using third-party services such as Changelly and Shapeshift. Still, atomic swaps will make them much easier by integrating them directly into the wallet software itself.

  • TOR integration: This provides users with access through TOR browser connections which gives them anonymity while browsing online content or making transactions online (many people regard this as a privacy feature). If you are concerned about being tracked by government agencies or corporations then this could be an important feature for you when making purchases online with your XVG coins because it can hide who paid what amount of money using XVG – although please note that there are still ways that websites could track IP addresses even if this feature were enabled so take care not get too complacent about security. Allowing for private transactions on a public blockchain

Use Cases


Privacy is a hot topic in cryptocurrency, and you should be aware that Verge is a privacy coin. It can be used to protect your identity and make sure transactions can’t be followed through metadata. Yet all transactions are public on the Verge of blockchain. This means that even if someone was able to figure out which addresses belong to you, they could still track your spending.  

Verge has been around since 2014, but it didn’t really take off until 2017 when it launched Wraith Protoco now known as private transactions—a technology that allows users to send private transactions on a public blockchain (hiding who the receiver is). With private transactions enabled Verge has become an increasingly popular option for people who want to keep some transactions private. 


Team and Community

This is a community-driven project. Verge has established a strong presence in terms of social media and its team is very active. The developers are also very transparent and open to the community, which makes it easier for the investors to make educated decisions about whether or not this is a good investment.

Verge has a strong community, which means you will be able to connect with other users and share information about the coin. The community is also very helpful and willing to help newbies as you could be.

  • Social media sites: Verge has a big following on many social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit. This means that there is always someone talking about XVG, so you can join in the conversation at any time of day or night and be aware of all changes immediately.

  • YouTube: On YouTube, there are many videos created by people who use XVG as their currency of choice when buying things online or purchasing something in person through an ATM machine located inside their local convenience store (or whatever). These videos can teach you everything from how much money was made during certain periods (such as last month), where people spend their money most often (like Walmart), what kinds of things they buy most often (food items usually), etc.

Team and Community

Why Should You Invest in Verge?

Verge (XVG) is a privacy coin that uses Tor and I2P network to anonymize transactions. XVG has a loyal community, a strong team, and one of the best roadmaps in crypto. But most importantly, Verge is one of the most trusted altcoins in crypto because this project has been around for over 7 years, and even after attacks, the community always responded and restored the chain.

Yet, please remember you should be vigilant and always do your own research before making any investment decisions. The information presented in this article is only for your consideration and should not be considered investment advice.

Why Should You Invest in Verge?

How and Where to Buy XVG?

If you are motivated by any of the above-stated use cases and decide to invest in Verge, the next step is to choose a reliable crypto exchange where you can buy the token. Depending on your preferences you might want to opt for different options, yet there is one more stable, comfortable, and secure than the others.

Swapzone aggregates multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and allows you to perform instant cryptocurrency trades, including best rate swaps for Verge, by choosing among 15+ trustworthy exchange partners.

Here are some simple steps to buy XVG on Swapzone:

  1. Select the Verge swap pair (for example ETH to XVG).
  2. Enter the total amount of ETH you are going to exchange.
  3. Choose the best ETH to XVG swap offer.
  4. Click on the Exchange button.
  5. Enter your wallet address to receive Verge to your wallet.
  6. Send your ETH deposit to the generated address.
  7. Wait for your ETH-XVG swap to be done.
  8. Receive your XVG to your wallet!

Popular pairs to convert Verge

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